How I Surprised My Girlfriend During the Valentine Week

How I surprised my girlfriend during the Valentine week

At My Pooja Box, we reached out to our followers on various social media platforms and asked them to share some interesting stories with us about - which one is their best valentine's week memory and how did they celebrate it.
We couldn't hold back from sharing one such story with you. We are sure it will make you go "awwww"

I love Valentine week because it gives me an opportunity to plan something big and surprise my girlfriend, which in turn, makes both of us happy and honestly, it is also an excuse to get away from the mundane lifestyle and do something fun together. Every year, I meticulously plan the entire valentine week in a way that she does not get a whiff of what’s happening and when my plan comes to life, I get to see her super happy and ecstatic. Though, this valentine’s week I decided to mix it up a little bit and planned a few things that I haven’t in the last years.

Today, I am going to share with all of you how I surprised my girlfriend during the days of Valentine week and made her fall in love with me all over again!

The first day of valentine week is rose day and I handpicked valentine day roses for her myself from a nearby nursery. I did it early morning so I could wake her up with this little surprise. I also cooked her a delicious breakfast to go with the rose day flower so as to make her feel special.

She woke up!

She saw the beautiful roses for valentine's day!

She was simply overjoyed. And that’s when I knew I started the love week with a bang.

When she woke up and saw the beautiful roses for valentine day that I brought for her, she was overjoyed and that’s when I knew I started the love week with a bang.

We went out for a nice walk the next evening and I kept my surprise and excitement hidden until then.

It was the propose day.

I decided to take our relationship to the next level by asking her to marry me.

I did not tell her where I was taking her and planned a whole elaborate candlelight dinner under stars that night. Once we reached here, I put on some light romantic music and asked her to dance with me. I did not want to propose right away and wanted to build some excitement before the final step.

Once we sat down for dinner and started sipping wine, I slid sideways and brought out the ring from my jacket. She was surprised and got so excited that her eyes were filled with tears of happiness and by the way, she said yes which made the celebrations for the rest of the valentine week all the more amazing and romantic.

It was chocolate day next and I knew I just don’t want to gift her over the counter ones that everybody buys. I baked chocolates myself and used different moulds to surprise her all through the day. When she woke up in the morning.

I made her fresh coffee and gave her my first hand made chocolate box with a note that said, “you make my life sweeter than any of these chocolates ever can”. Like usual, her eyes lit up and then we went on to have a wonderful day. She was feeling happier and happier with each passing day, I could feel the warmth in her tone, love in her eyes and smile on her lips and that’s when I knew I was planning it the right way.

Teddy day is her favorite one out of all the days because she likes to cuddle, Well ….who does not?

I ordered the cutest teddy online and coupled it with valentine day roses. To add a surprise element, I got it delivered at midnight. In the evening later that day, we went to a nearby local market and tasted authentic street food which she is very much fond of. We talked, laughed and had a wonderful evening together and my days of valentine week were going better than I had planned.

Promise day is my favorite one. This year it was more special for me because we had just gotten engaged and my excitement levels were over the roof. I decided to go old school and write a letter to her. I just wanted to share my unsaid feelings. I wanted to give her a lifetime of commitment and happiness and keep all the promises that I had made to her and that’s what I wrote in the letter.

Places aren’t special, its people who add value to it. We marked a perfect ending of that special day by cooking dinner together at home. We laughed our hearts out and danced our ways to each other stomachs and eventually hearts.

A perfect start of hug and kiss day could not have been better, we shared a long good morning hug and I kissed her on her forehead with a promise that I will stand by her through all the ups and downs in life. So, In the evening, I had planned for a movie as we both are big-time movie junkies. We spent the evening watching our favorite movie together while holding hands and sipping wine simultaneously.

It was going very smoothly and now was the time put those cherries on top of my valentine cake and seal the deal. I started with a midnight surprise to kick start our valentine's day. I decorated her room with balloons and her favorite flowers. I also put together some pictures and made a small video of all the memories she loves revisiting from time to time.

It was a perfect way to begin the celebrations.

I booked a table at her favorite restaurant in advance so as to avoid last-minute rush. I picked up her in the evening and had a nice meal together. A customized cake and a guitarist playing her favorite songs added that perfect touch of romance to our date.

We both had a very nice evening and it became one of the best valentine's weeks for us because later that year we got married.

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