How to Make All the Days of Valentine Week Special for Your Lover

list of the days of valentine week

Though love does not need a day to be celebrated, it does feel nice when someone makes an extra effort to make you feel special. There is something special about Valentine's Day. The world looks different during Valentine's week. We see a lot of love stories unfolding around us. Markets get filled with romantic valentine gifts, restaurants start brimming up with hand-holding couples and the air just feels magical. You hear love songs and then begins the race to make your lover feel special.

Amidst all the available options, it becomes a little difficult to decide special activities for the whole week.

Worry not! Let us help you plan days of Valentine week so that your lover remembers it for the years to come!

Days of Valentine Week 2020:

Valentine Week List Date Days
Rose Day 7th Feb 2020 Friday
Propose Day 8th Feb 2020 Saturday
Chocolate Day 9th Feb 2020 Sunday
Teddy Day 10th Feb 2020 Monday
Promise Day 11th Feb 2020 Tuesday
Hug Day 12th Feb 2020 Wednesday
Kiss Day 13th Feb 2020 Thursday
Happy Valentines Day 14th Feb 2020 Friday


Rose Day – 7th February

This is the first day of Valentine's week and everything you do on this day sets the tone for the whole week. But no pressure here, keep it simple. Begin your Valentine week by gifting rose to your love. Leave pretty red roses in places and things they use every day - their wallet, carry bag, and even in their lunchbox. You can also leave small love notes and remind them how much you love them. Surprise them with online rose delivery at midnight or show up to their doorstep during the evening with a bouquet of roses and see their smile broadened within seconds.

Propose Day – 8th February

If you think it’s time to take your love to the next level, propose day is the best day to embark upon a journey of togetherness and eternal love. We’ve got an idea. How about you plan a special screening of their favorite romantic movie! Remember the romantic dialogues and when the part comes, take their hand and propose to them with the exact same lines. Let us know how it goes!

If you are already married, take your partner out for a long drive and cite your wedding wows together to remind each other about the deep love you have for one another.

Chocolate Day – 9th February

Who does not love chocolates? And, who does not love getting chocolates as gifts?

Gift your lover heart-shaped chocolates with a special handwritten love letter. Let them know how they make your life as sweet as the box of chocolates. Would you go an extra mile for them? If yes, we have got an idea to make it even more special, bake your own chocolates and surprise them. To spice it up a bit, take help from your friends or colleagues and leave small chocolates wherever they go throughout the day ending with you giving them a love note when you meet them in the evening.

Teddy Day – 10th February

Snuggling a teddy bear on days when she misses you the most provides her comfort. Make sure she has a cute and snuggly teddy bear she can remember and miss you by. Buy one in her favorite color or cartoon character and place it by her nightstand so that when she wakes up, the first thing she sees reminds her of you and your love.

Promise Day – 11th February

It might sound clichéd but making a promise to your loved one is the most romantic thing you can do. You can start the day with fresh and blooming flowers, send them an online rose delivery with a special love note and make them happy. Later in the day Take them for a long walk, enjoy ice cream together and promise to love each other for the rest of your lives

Hug Day – 12th February

Begin your day with a long warm hug, pack lunch for your partner with their favorite meal. All these small gestures lead up to an amazing feeling of love and togetherness. Make a collage of their childhood and other old pictures. Show it to them while holding hands and play their favorite music in the background.

Kiss Day – 13th February

What can you possibly do to make it a day to remember? Think hard!

Well, we aren’t short of ideas if you are willing to do everything on the list. Plan a romantic evening with candlelight set up, some soft music, fairy lights and two glasses of wine. Ask them to dance with you barefoot and shower them with kisses while confessing your love again and again.

Valentine Day – 14th February

You have already set a perfect tone for the week, and all you need to do is seal it with the right gesture. It’s time for the big finale! Put together all your romantic photos, make a small video with your lover’s favorite song in the background. Set a candlelight dinner table for both of you and sing a poem for them which can be your creation or from their favorite book/author. Take a long walk with them and talk about the days when you started dating each other.

In the end, it’s all about expressing love to your partner. We have listed all major romantic gestures for each day of Valentine week that your partner is surely going to enjoy.

Wishing you a very happy and memorable valentines’s week ahead!

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