Holi Precautions – A Safety Guide For Your 2019 Holi Celebrations

What precautions should be taken before playing Holi?

Out of all the major festivals we celebrate in India, Holi is the one we enjoy the most. But with great fun, comes great danger. This danger can range from skin allergies all the way to more serious injuries and the sad reality is, each year we have more and more people getting hurt playing Holi.

Which is why, we at My Pooja Box decided to create a list of tips for a safe Holi in 2019. Without further a due, let’s get to it.

1. The Harmful Effects Of Chemical Based Holi Colors

harmful effects of holi colours

Yup, we’re getting the obvious out of the way first. If you don’t already know, a lot of Holi colors contain industrial chemicals that are extremely harmful to your skin & hair. These colors can cause more damage to smaller kids as opposed to adults. So, if you have kids, it’s best advised to use organic Holi colors instead.

2. Holika Dahan Safety

Holi Festival - Holika Dahan Safety

This tradition is an important part of Holi celebrations in India. However, the sheer size of some of the fires do pose a threat if precautions are not taken in advanced. It goes without saying kids need to be kept at a safe distance. But the danger isn’t just for the kids… One needs to ensure they are not wearing any flammable clothes whilst around the fire. This could end in disaster.

3. Don’t Throw Water Balloons At Bikers

safe holi festival tips-don’t throw water balloons at bikers

Riding bikes is dangerous as it is… throwing water balloons at bikers is definitely not making it any safer. We hear stories every year about bike accidents that happen as a result of indiscriminate Holi celebrations. It’s important consider and account for the safety of others just as its important to account for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

4. Chotti Holi Is A Working Day

holi festival - chotti holi is a working day

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get a Holiday on Chotti Holi. This is bad enough in itself. Throwing water balloons on people going for work is not going to help. It’s important that parents inform their kids of the same as many people get offended by such behavior and this results in unnecessary confrontations.  

5. Animal Abuse

holi festival-animal abuse

Yes, that’s right. Applying Holi colors, be it chemical or organic on animals is abuse. Let’s leave our pets and strays out of this. Dogs, cats, cows and other animals can be affected heavily by these colors and they don’t have access to medical care like you do. So please keep this in mind and leave the animals out of it.

6. Don’t Drink & Drive

safe holi tips-dont drink and drive

Holi is famous for more than just the colors. A lot of the fun is a result of a traditional drink I’m sure you are all familiar with. While everyone is free to drink at their own risk provided they are of the right age, it is strongly advised to not drink & drive. Doing so will not only put you and your family’s life in danger, but also the lives of others. So please, stick to cabs… or assign a designated driver.

We hope you keep our tips for a safe Holi in mind this time around. Have a fun & safe Holi in 2019!

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