Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: Welcome Ganpati Bappa in an Eco Friendly Avatar

Welcome Ganpati Bappa in an Eco Friendly Avatar

Lord Ganesha is recognised for removing impediments and paving the path for his devotees to progress in life. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed lord, represents wisdom and intelligence. He aids in the differentiation of intellect that people must possess in order to achieve perfection, keep an open mind, and think wisely. Ganesha Chatutrhi is one of the most important and divine Hindu religious festivals. The celebration is filled with devotion and grandeur of the devotees. It is celebrated across the country with utmost passion and splendour, but it is especially famous in Maharashtra.

The demand for eco-friendly Ganesha has skyrocketed as the adverse impact of unhealthy Ganesh chathurthi practices have become more evident. The goal of employing an eco-friendly Ganesha is to lessen the pollution that PoP Ganesha idols produce in the environment. People have realised the importance of eco-friendly Ganesha and do not choose Ganesha idols made of artificially coloured Plaster of Paris.

1. The Green Ganesha celebration

Magnesium, phosphorus, gypsum, and sulphur are all included in Ganesha statues constructed of PoP. Cadmium, lead, mercury, and other metals are included in the pigment used to embellish the statues. When these chemicals are immersed in ponds, and other water sources, they contaminate the water and are dangerous enough to kill aquatic species and damage the digestive and nervous system. Hence people have switched to Green Ganesha celebration.

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Green Ganesh Chathurthi is all about using biodegradable materials. Say no to idols constructed of Plaster of Paris, since the new slogan is "Go Green Ganesha." The idols of Ganesha constructed of clay, paper, and coconut will be fascinating to observe this year. Natural colours are used to paint it. Bamboo, cane, jute, hay, coloured ropes, and the stem and leaves of banana trees can all be used to construct the temple and seat on which the idol will be placed. Clay Ganesha idols or plant Ganesha idols can be used instead of PoP idols.

2. Manage noise pollution

Playing music through microphones and speakers instead of loudspeakers is a great way to reduce noise pollution. The auditory canals in the ear are damaged by loud music. It could scale up to deaf ears, especially in the case of youngsters or the elderly.

3. Save Energy

During evening aarti and when needed, turn on the ornamental lights. Saving energy is also a significant step toward environmental preservation. Compact fluorescent lights have taken the role of traditional bulbs (CFL). Wrap the bulbs with colourful paper to add more light.

4. Celebrate with your close circle

Devotees carry large idols for Puja at such large religious celebrations, which take up a lot of space. The building of larger idols necessitates a greater amount of clay. It's also tough to submerge because the material isn't water soluble and takes a long time to dissolve. Instead of participating in massive processions it is better to perform the visarjan with your closed circle without much of a disturbance causing any kind of pollution. Bring home clay or plant Ganesha as they easily dissolve in water without This will reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

5. Avoid plastic

Plastic bags are discouraged because they pollute the environment. To carry the offerings, cloth and jute bags are recommended. To distribute prasad, use fabric or little paper bags made from old newspapers and embellished with dried flowers or elegant ribbons. Biodegradable plates should be used instead of thermocol plates. Used bottles can be used to build a table lamp. Decoupage (the art of adorning a surface with paper cutouts and covering the surface with varnish (or adhesive) can brighten glass bottles for décor.

Welcome Ganesh the Green Way, this Ganesh Chaturthi! Bring eco friendly Ganesha statues home with you. These magnificent Ganesha idols are perfect for a chemical-free and environmentally friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. Be mindful of your activities and participate in the festival in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner! Pick your Ganesha idols today!

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