Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: 8 Avatars of Lord Ganesha

8 Avatars of Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, and we know you cannot keep calm! Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals among Hindus all across the country. Ganesh Chaturthi marks the birth date of Lord Ganesha, who is believed to bring good fortune, wealth, prosperity, and health to our lives. On this day, we celebrate Lord Ganesha’s birthday by worshipping him and throwing a grand feast following the pooja to honor him.

If you want to celebrate more consciously this year without dimming your festive spirit, then you can get an eco-friendly tree Ganesha for your Ganesh Chaturthi pooja. This unique idol will not only serve its purpose but turn some heads this year at your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations!

Since we are prepping for Lord Ganesha’s birthday, let’s know some facts about Bappa first!

Did you know that Ganesha took 8 avatars to save the world from evil? Let’s get to know about these avatars of Ganpati Bappa and how he saved the world!


Vakratunda is the first avatar of Lord Ganesha. He incarnated as Vakratunda, which means curved trunk. Matsara represents jealousy and selfishness. Matsara, along with his two sons, Sundarpriya and Vishaypriya, created a menace everywhere by conquering three worlds. After Lord Shiva’s failed attempt to stop them, as his boon bound him, all the gods summoned Vakratunda. Vakratunda defeated and killed both of Matsara’s sons upon his arrival on his vehicle, a lion. Demon Matsara then surrendered himself to Lord Vakratunda and asked for forgiveness. Lord Vakratunda forgave him and restored peace in the three worlds.


Ekadanta is the second avatar of Lord Ganesha. Asura Chyavana had a son named Mada, who had an affinity for alcohol. After a strict penance of a thousand years, Madasura received special powers from the goddess and started to rule the world. Madasura created havoc everywhere and began to conquer the three worlds. Being unable to stop him, the gods summoned Lord Ekadanta. Lord Ekadanta came along with his mooshika and declared war against Madasura. However, being mesmerized by his power and courage, Madasura surrendered to Lord Ekadanta and earned forgiveness. This avatar of Lord Ganesha shows us that alcohol consumes us and fills humans with pride beyond their control.


Mahodara is the third avatar of Lord Ganesha. Lord Mahodara destroys the demon of delusion and confusion Mohasura with the help of this avatar. Mohasura, the demon of delusion, also known as the Daitya Raj, terrified all the gods and tried to conquer the three worlds. The gods went to Lord Surya for help. He suggested them to ask for help from Mahodara. All the gods then summoned Lord Mahodara. Upon his arrival with his mooshika, he declares war against Mohasura. But Mohasura surrenders to Lord Mahodara and remains a faithful devotee for the rest of his life.


Gajanana was the 4th incarnation or avatar of Lord Ganesh. Lord Gajanana defeated the demon of Greed, Lobhasura. Gajanana’s sheer presence made Lobhasura surrender to him. This avatar of Lord Ganesha shows that lust or greed is the reason for the destruction of oneself.


The 5th avatar of Lord Ganesha, Lambodara, was created to demolish the demon of anger, Krodhasura. In order to stop Krodhasura from rampaging the three worlds with his anger, Lambodara appears with a large enough potbelly that could hold all of Krodhasura’s anger. After capturing his anger, Lambodara restores peace everywhere.


With the help of the 6th avatar of Lord Ganesha, named Vikata, he destroyed Kamasura, the demon of desire. Vikata appears on a peacock and defeats Kamasura. This avatar of Lord Ganesha shows that there is an endless desire in this world; the more we desire, the more we fall prey to our weakness.


In his 7th avatar, Lord Ganesha destroyed the demon of attachment, Mamasura. Mamasura defeats the gods and throws them out of heaven. The gods then come to Ganesha for help. He then incarnates as Vighnaraja. Riding on his giant serpent, Vighnaraja tames Mamasura and restores peace.


The eighth and last avatar of Lord Ganesha is Dhumravarna. He took this avatar to destroy the demon of ego, Ahamkarasura. By defeating him, Lord Ganesha reminds us that ego is the sole reason for self-destruction.

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