Benefits of Keeping Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps at Home

pink himalayan salt lamps benefits

Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps are made using pink salt crystals mined solely from the Himalayas. The most popular location in the Himalayas for mining these salts is in Kewra, Pakistan. Converting these salt crystals into a lamp involves hollowing out large chunks of these crystals and placing a bulb inside that emits both light and heat. These ‘Pink’ Himalayan Salt Lamps do vary in colors ranging from light pink to an intense orange. This is dependent on the mineral concentration of the crystals. Do note that white salt crystals are also available but are extremely rare and as a result of the rarity, they are quite expensive as well.

Other than just the sheer beauty of these lamps, Himalayan Salt lamps do come with a lot of scientifically proven health benefits as well. These benefits come as a result of the hygroscopic properties of salt. These properties allow the salts to absorb water molecules from the air. How does this provide health benefits?
Well, these water molecules trap impurities from the air, thus getting rid of them when absorbed by the salt.

Here are some of the most well-documented benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. Air Purification – Due to the hygroscopic properties of salt, these Himalayan salt lamp benefits start at air purification. As mentioned above, these salts trap water molecules by absorbing them. These water molecules contain impurities from the air such dust and other pollutants that cause asthma, coughs and in some cases serious health problems such as cancer. Once absorbed by the salt, these impurities are no longer present in the air around. Thus, giving you a cleaner environment to breathe in. This feature of rock salt lamps is extremely helpful in polluted cities like New Delhi as artificial air purifiers have been said to harm health more than improve.

Heart Plug-In Himalayan Salt Lamp

2. Increased Natural Energy & Reduction In Stress Levels – Himalayan rock salt lamps are said to absorb positive ions from the air. These positive ions are said to drain the body of energy, making us feel weak and lazy. While these ions are present naturally in air, they are increased by the presence of modern electronics such as mobile phones, radio towers, televisions etc. This creates an atmosphere loaded with positive ions. When the negative ions of Rock salt enter our body, it mixes with the bloodstream to cause a chemical reaction that increases serotonin levels. This chemical is said to increase energy levels, reduce stress and get rid of depression. Which is why keeping Himalayan salt lamps in one’s home is helpful in increasing the overall energy of an individual.

Himalayan Pink Salt Pyramid Glow Lamp

3. Sound Sleep – These salt lamp benefits extend onto ones sleep as well. The presence of positively charged ions in the air can reduce the flow of oxygen in the brain. This has the potential to lead to irregular sleep cycles due to the irritation caused by a lack of oxygen. To combat this, keep a Himalayan salt lamp as your bed light. This should help reduce positive ions and as a result, help you sleep like a baby.

Butterfly Plug-In Himalayan Salt Lamp
4. Electromagnetic Energy – This refers to the electromagnetic radiation left behind by our electronic devices, electrical wiring that runs in the walls as well as electrical posts outside our home. This electromagnetic energy, if present in large amounts can cause a variety of issues ranging from headaches & nausea all the way to mild hallucinations for those who are sensitive. These energies can even weaken one’s immune system causing diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer etc. The presence of Pink Himalayan salt lamps brings in negative ions to counteract the electromagnetic energy that releases small amounts of radiation. Thus, creating a safer atmosphere.

Himalayan Pink Salt Naturally Carved Glow Lamp

5. Skin Health – Pollen count and dust particles in the air have the potential to cause skin disorders such as eczema. Now, salt lamps are not going to heal your skin disorders alone. However, they will aid in the healing process by absorbing the pollen & dust into the salt. This will reduce the presence of contaminants that lead to such disorders. Thus, improving overall skin health.

So, after reading these Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits, Would you consider bringing one home?

Himalayan Pink Salt Crafted Cube Tlight


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