5 Spiritual Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2023

Moksha Ganpati Leafy Pooja Platter

Father's Day is right around the corner, on Sunday, June 19.  But what about the spiritual father? The one that is really making an effort to grow and become better versions of himself? Why not give him something spiritually charged? We understand it's hard to know what exactly to get, especially if you’re not into spirituality yourself.

If you have been exploring the internet for that perfect gift for your spiritual father, this Father's Day we can make your search easier with this compilation of the best gifts!

If you've ever asked your dad what he wants for Father's Day, you've probably heard "nothing" more than once. Dads are difficult to find a gift for! Often we end up giving him dreaded and impersonal gift cards that are not enough to express the amount of love we hold for them.

When picking out the perfect Father's Day present from a daughter or son, we look for something personal or practical that he'll cherish and use for days to come.

Let's have a look at our compilation of spiritual gift ideas for this father’s day.

1. Crystal Showpieces

Crystal Showpiece

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Why not brighten your Dad's room with the healing energy of crystal showpieces? We have curated a wide range of natural and decorative crystal artifacts that will enhance your father's interiors, bring positive energy, and attract good luck, joy, success, wealth, and prosperity. These crystals showpieces for room decor are spiritually charged. Uplifting the vibration, transforming the power, balancing the chakras, & cleanse the aura; crystal showpieces are good options you must consider. Surprise your father by placing these decorative crystal showpieces at home or the workplace.

2. Aura Cleansing Sage Sticks

Sage sticks

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If you ever see a fragrant smoke coming out of your father’s room, then he loves Smudging. Check out our collection of Aura Cleansing Sage Stick that is not only for spaces; it's also for clearing your body, mind, and spirit of any negativity, stagnation, or energetic disturbances within or in the surroundings.

3. Tibetan Singing Musical Bowl

Musical bowl

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Nothing can be a better gift than a Singing bowl. Spiritually, Tibetan Singing Music Bowls are used for removing anger, hatred, and negativity in a person’s body. It helps to remove negative energy by balancing chakras. Based on the belief that energy vibrates at different rates in the body, gifting this bowl can have profound effects on the mind, body and spirit bringing back coherence and harmony on a person’s body.

4. Salt Lamps

Salt Lamp

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If your spiritual father is willing to drag out negativity from your house, in that case, this Himalayan pink rock salt lamp is something that you should order today. Himalayan Rock salts are known for their properties of eradicating the negative entities from the living space. They are considered to be perfect for bringing positivity.

5. Antique Buddha Head Idol

 Buddha Idol

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Buddha statues emulate the air of motivation among meditation enthusiasts. If your father is passionate about meditation, he must know Buddha as the source of inspiration to pursue their meditation goals. It is believed that Buddha statues help one to be focused on meditation. Presenting Buddha Head Idol will ultimately help him achieve higher heights of enlightenment by practicing meditation.

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