Rose Day Special

Rose Day Special

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Express Your Love with Roses for rose day

Right since the time immemorial, the roses have had special attention in history and literature books as one of the most potent ways to express strong feelings of love and romance! One of the greatest English poet Shakespeare made an allusion to roses in his wonderful piece of literature- Romeo and Juliet. With their beauty and vividness, roses fascinate almost every man and woman alike and are thus widely used by lovers to woo their love interest. So, on this rose day, roses will speak the language of your heart to help you bring a much-desired sparkle in the eyes of your beloved.

Order beautiful roses for rose day

Celebrate the essence of love by sending rose day flowers to your beloved on 7th February. Leave the presentation part to us.

Love when expressed beautifully, becomes all the more special. So, let roses for rose day weave the magic for you along with a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Surprise your sweetheart with red roses for rose day.

Get best rose day flowers delivered

Rose day can be just another day for people, but for a die-hard romanticist, it’s an opportunity to bring you both closer than ever. It’s a day to shower your lover with all the beautiful emotions in the world! We have meticulously arranged bouquet of 10 red roses, 20 mixed roses, 20 red roses and also magnificent bouquets of 100 flowers to convey how proud you feel to have them in your life!

Red roses are associated with the feeling of romance for a reason! Get beautifully heart-shaped arranged red roses for rose day delivered at their doorstep and win all their love and appreciation! Love is pure, beautiful and magical and roses help you get all that in a matter of few seconds!

Roses: What do their Colors Say?

Red roses: Red color depicts strong feelings of love and longing. If you have a deep affection for someone in your life, gift them a bouquet of red roses.

White Roses: White symbolizes purity, innocence, and hope. Gift them white roses to express your pure love and wish them luck and hope in life!

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are often considered a symbol of happiness, warmth, and zeal. Gift yellow roses to share the feelings of warmth and mark of appreciation for their friendship.

Pink Roses: Pink denotes soft and subtle emotions of joy, gratitude, and admiration. Send a pink bouquet to show your appreciation. Let them know that you don’t want to lose them under any situation.

Orange Roses: Orange color is associated with strong energy and fiery passion! Send orange roses to someone you feel proud to have in your life and want to be with them always.

Peach Roses: Shower that someone special in your love with peach color flowers whom you want to convey your feelings of love and gratitude with softness in your heart. Don’t forget to attach a Thank You! Note.

Blue roses: Blue colored roses denote love, opulence, and may also indicate how you find a person unattainable yet praiseworthy.

Green: Green color carries a strong message of harmony, peace, and prosperity. Send green roses to someone you appreciate from the bottom of your heart and have lots of positive vibes for.

Order Roses Online for Rose Day

Online shopping brings with it a feeling of comfort and ease. On our website, you will find gifts for all occasions and almost every range. If you have someone special in your life, don’t let even a single day go without conveying it to them. Valentine’s day is a beautiful day to convey this feeling in style.

At My Pooja Box, we have amazing roses for rose day beautifully arranged to make your job easy. We have artistically decorated them in bunches, bouquets, vases, and baskets. Multiple roses in multiple colors and denominations can help you make your day very, very special!

Before you decide how many roses you should send to your sweetheart, let us define a number of roses and what each number stands for. Read on:

How many roses you should gift?

Not just the color, the number of roses you choose to depict your feelings is counted- literally! Do you know every rose evokes a varied emotion and can be efficiently used to speak your heart? In fact, roses had been widely used to send secret messengers during the Victorian era. Though lovers mostly use Red Roses to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day, you can choose them as per the interpretation below to convey your feelings in a unique style:

● One Rose - Love at first sight or you’re are the One
● Two Roses - Mutual Affection /Marry Me…
● Three Roses - I love you (a three-month anniversary gift)
● Six Roses – Infatuation ( I want to be yours)
● Nine Roses Yours forever (Eternal love)
● 10 Roses - You are perfect
● 12 Roses - Picking up the best from the lot/be mine
● 13 Roses - I am your secret admirer
● 15 Roses - I am sorry
● 20 Roses - I am sincere for you
● 25 Roses - Congratulations
● 99 Roses - I will love you till I die
● 100 Roses - Extreme devotion till you die
● 101 Roses - You will always be the one for me
● 365 Roses - I will love you each and every day in a year
● 999 Roses - I will love you till the end of time
● 1001 Roses - Love that will live forever

Midnight and Express Rose Delivery from My Pooja Box

Get fresh and fragrant red roses delivered at your lover’s doorstep delivered in simply no time! Love and affection should never be put in waiting mode, that too during Valentine’s Week.

We are offering midnight delivery, express delivery, and same-day delivery options for red roses. You can also use next day delivery or fixed time delivery options to ensure you create beautiful memories for your sweetheart. My Pooja Box is one of the most trusted online gift shops with handpicked love gifts that offers impressive worldwide delivery services too. We have tied up with a brilliant delivery network partner to ensure timely delivery to all products across India and prominent locations abroad.

Place your order today to start creating memories!

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