Where to place your crystals according to Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is a particular and meticulous technique. Placing Feng Shui items in any room will not suffice. Specific requirements and guidelines must be followed to experience change in your life and your working style. These specifics cover information regarding Feng Shui objects, such as crystals. You may live a balanced existence and feel deeply rooted in the earth if you practice Feng Shui correctly.

There are several ways to use crystals following Feng Shui principles. They can be used to establish a harmonious vibe and environment in your home or workplace. With the numerous forms of healing advantages available, crystal colors can also help you transform your life.

Citrine at your front door

Citrine Gemstone

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Citrine is a gemstone that symbolizes success and wealth. In Feng Shui, the front door of your home is the mouth of all abundance, happiness, and creativity. So, to welcome the radiant energy, place this crystal inside your front entrance.

Black Tourmaline in corners of the home

Black Tourmaline

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You want to safeguard your house's vitality since it serves as your haven. Tourmaline is a protective crystal that absorbs negative energy and grounds us in our space. To keep any unwanted energy from coming in, place Black Tourmaline in the corners of your house and at the front entrance.

Smokey Quartz in the bathroom

Smokey Quartz

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Bathrooms are rooms with a lot of water energy naturally present. If your home includes bathrooms with shared walls, then having too much water energy can be unsettling, resulting in restless sleep and indecision. Place a smokey quartz crystal in your bathroom to balance the energy flow and provide greater stability in the area. Smokey quartz is a grounding and earthing stone.

Pyrite and Selenite in the office

Pyrite is a stimulating stone that aids in developing fresh concepts and uplifting energy. It would be best to put this crystal on your desk or workstation. At the end of the day, selenite may help purify your workplace by removing any clogged energy. Place this crystal beneath your desk to remove the electrosmog and brain fog or over the entryway to provide an energy reset as you enter the workplace.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst on the bedside table

 Rose Quartz

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Bedrooms are a place to sleep and make love, and that should be it. If you want a restful sleep and a romantic, loving space to enjoy, Rose quartz will help you or your relationship feel more affectionate. Placing Rose Quartz crystals in the bedroom is an exceptional practice if you ask for love or relationship support. Amethyst has a relaxing impact, making the bedroom the ideal location to help create a peaceful area for you to unwind.

Clear Quartz in the center of the house

The grounding energy is located in the middle of your home, or any other location for that matter. A clear quartz crystal is great for enhancing positive energy and bringing clarity. Additionally, it will maintain the energy pure and balanced. Keep fire-related items like citrine, carnelian, or amber away from the center of your house. This is the center of health in your home; too much powerful crystal energy may make you feel uneasy.

The Takeaway!

Remember to move your crystals / Feng shui items around if something doesn't feel right to you. It's your space; only you know how you want to feel. Every home, area, and a person can become unique by using Feng Shui items – this is just a guide to help you on your way!


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