What are the Top 10 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Money?

feng shui tips for money luck

Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical philosophy that not only adds a touch to your home & office decor but also welcomes abundance, wealth & harmony. The word Feng Shui literally translates to “wind & water”. Moreover, it all depends on where and how you place these Feng shui items affecting the flow of good and bad vibes in your life.

Let us help you make your house and office a conducive place that will attract money & positive vibes. Come, have a glance over the top ten Feng Shui tips for money luck.

1. Avoid the cluttering of unwanted items

Too much of anything seems to be dangerous. Similarly, it is important for you to throw out all the unnecessary items at your office & home as it creates an obstacle for the inflow of wealth & creates depression, sucks out the energy & causes discontentment.

2. Make the front door appealing & strong

One of the good luck tips for money is to make the front door simple yet alluring. Our front door is said to be the face of our house & creates the first impression. Beautiful your doorway with some beautiful plants & place a welcoming doormat.

3. Bring home Laughing Buddha

Known for his joyful, cute & cheerful nature, Laughing Buddha in Feng Shui for good luck and wealth when placed in the East direction of your home or office facing the main door. You can choose the best figurine from the Laughing Buddha set of 6, Buddha With Treasure Bag Of Wealth & much more available at My Pooja Box.

Bring home Laughing Buddha

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4. Add a fish aquarium to your Vastu

Fish symbolizes the ‘activeness’, ‘liveliness’, and the ‘amplification of positive energies’. Placing aquariums in your home or office on the Northside brings career opportunities, while the South-East side invites financial abundance.

5. Include Chinese coins in your house

Occupying the most pivotal place in the Feng Shui for good luck and wealth, these Chinese coins tied with the red ribbon makes you feel more protected & achieve financial stability. My Pooja Box brings you Coin Owl Showpiece, Bonsai Money Coin Tree & a few products for you.

6. Decorate with Wealth crystals

Add a touch of lavishness & elegance to your abode with the crystals that are considered to be the powerhouse of Feng Shui energy. Any product made from the Citrine crystal attracts money & wealth to your home. The Crystal Mountain, Glass Tortoise & the Pixiu Bracelet available for Feng Shui for money success in business are said to welcome good luck & neutralize the negative energies.

7.Driveaway negativity with the Evil Eye Tree

This Evil Eye Fish or The Gold Brushed Evil Eye Tree available at My Pooja Box ensures the elimination of evil spirits & bad luck from your life. The blue color of this evil eye is something that you should make a part of your home decor so as to invite wealth.

The Silver Evil Eye Tree

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8. Get home the Feng Shui Money Frog

Place the Three-Legged Golden Frog for Money and Good Luck, or Elephant with Money Frog Atop (Clay) at any place in the house or office that attracts wealth & money. Placing it diagonally is said to bring optimum results in career & business.

9. Pay more attention to the South-East direction

Another Feng Shui tip for money luck is to place some Jade plants or some wood properties along with water elements that invite good luck & financial prosperity. Placing a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth or Chinese coins in this direction reaps you excellent results.

10. Promote the Feng Shui decor items in your life

Explore the other decorative items in Feng Shui for money success in a business like Three Golden Owls, Three-tiered Tortoise Statue, Gods of Wealth Fuk Luk Sau, Horse With Coins, much more charming items available on My Pooja Box.

Though you are wondering as to how to attract money in your life, well, following some of the good luck tips for money for your Vastu will be highly beneficial to bring in positivity.

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