7 Wall Hangings You Should Be Buying This Season!

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Every home has a story to tell. We all want it to be as comfortable as possible. Sometimes, adding a wall decoration looks more inviting. In fact, it brings the much-needed transformation! It could be anything a framed painting, a mural, or wall sculptures.

Wall hangings are the accents that you put on your walls for decoration purposes of course!

They vary from simple to ornate and intricate whichever category you prefer. Here, we are going to discuss some popular wall accessories worth your attention. They are modern with a classic flair to embrace any home décor theme. Let’s check ‘em one by one.

Three Chandramala T-Light Hanging Holder with Tassels

Wall Hanging Ideas

Need a wall décor showcasing the perfect balance between modern and traditional? This full moon-shaped wall-hanging-cum-tealight-holder is the beauty your home needs. The traditional design with modern aesthetics makes a unique addition to your wall art. As an added bonus it comes with space for t-lights, hence, it has dual utility- a wall art as well as of tea-light holder.

It will bring a gush of serenity to your surroundings with relaxed aesthetics.

Om Brass Wall Hanging

Om Wall Hanging
Have a tender spot for Indian traditional art? Let your home décor find its spiritual essence with this OM shaped wall hanging. It showcases traditional Indian art carved out of brass. Be it a specifically designed home shrine you want to jazz up or the walls of your regular room, this is the stunning statement that you’ll love to flaunt.

Ek Onkar Wall Painting

Wall Hanging

Paintings of any type make a great wall hanging decoration. They breathe a gush of fresh air to your home décor. This Ek Onkar painting is one of the best wall accessories we’ve got for you. By bringing this piece of art, you can display art’s power to transform any surroundings. The vibrant yellow and red colours add to its auspicious vibes. It’s sure to elevate the theme of your décor.

Handcrafted Lord Ganesha Wooden Wall Art

Ganesha Wall Hanging

How about giving your walls a spiritual makeover while elevating its aesthetic appeal? This handcrafted wooden accent is perfect for this purpose. Wall sculptures made of wood have been a favourite for art-lovers all around. Created from traditional techniques, it’s really going to be a great accent for your home.

Antique Brass Wall Art with Bells

Brass Bell Wall Hanging

Favour design that speaks of traditional charm? This wall hanging is a fantastic addition to your décor! Crafted by skilled artisans, it’s an artistic wall art for maximized decorative purposes. The design is eye-catching with seven bells beautifying its overall look.

If you want a unique embellishment for your wall, this is the accent that you should be buying.

Sun Wall Art

Sun Wall Hanging
Longing for something unique? Embellish your empty walls with this Sun sculpture. It’s made of metal and has a glossy texture in copper colour. Hence, it’s sure to prettify your empty walls. You can hang it in standalone or in a pack of three or five for an artistic affair.

Decorative Framed Wall Art

Framed Radha Krishna Photo

Need something decorative to jazz up your empty walls? This framed wall art is the best accent. Showcasing modern and traditional design, it’s all set to amp up your interiors. Hang it in your bedroom or anywhere else, it will make up the right statement.

Do you have any other wall decoration suggestion or idea? Let us know. Till then stay tuned for some more home decoration tips and tricks!

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