5 Unique Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas So Awesome You’ll Love!

Unique Thali Decoration Tips

Organizing pooja ceremony in every Hindu household is very common. Thali decoration during those ceremonies makes an interesting ritual. Be it festivals, weddings or regular days, a thali or plate is decorated ahead of the celebration.
Do you want tips and tricks for aarti thali decoration? In this blog, we are going to help you out with some out-of-the-box ideas. So, keep scrolling!

1. Gotta Patti Thali Decoration

Puja Thali Decoration

What all you need for this idea are gotta patti, red and colourful mauli thread, glue and a round plate.


  • Clean the plate with a soft cloth. 
  • Apply adhesive or glue at the edges and stick one round of gotta patti.
  • Do the same with colourful mauli thread. However, repeat the threads for four to five times. Again, create a gotta patti line and begin with the red mauli thread thereafter. Repeat the process until the plate is covered completely.
  • You can create flowers using gotta patti and attach it along the edges as shown in the figure. Your pooja thali decoration is done!

2. Pearl Pooja Thali Decoration

Aarti Thali Decoration

The next idea is to adorn the platter with artificial pearls. Items you need are- a platter, pearls, velvet cloth and glue.


  • Begin by clean the plate. Apply adhesive and stick the velvet cloth by covering the whole platter. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Now take out the pearls and create a pattern with glue. Glue the pearls in whatever design you like or follow the one shown in the picture. WHOA! Your design is ready!

3. Brocade and Stone Plate Thali Adornment

Pooja Thali Decoration Idea
You need a brocade cloth, some stones, adhesive and designer thread.


  • Take the plate and stick the cloth using adhesive. Make sure to cut in the same shape as thali beforehand. Keep it aside for a few minutes to dry.
  • Now attach the stones by creating a design you like. 
  • Stick designer threads along the edges and inner corner for vibrancy.

4. Banana Leaf Swastika Thali Decoration

Thali Decoration

You need a banana leaf, pooja thali, marigold flowers, diyas, oil and red roli.


  • Start by cutting the banana leaf in the shape of the puja thali. 
  • Keep the leaf in the plate. Now, create a Swastika pattern using the oil first. Apply the roli onto it and let it sit.
  • Arrange the marigold flowers in circular manner with diya. Your puja thali is ready!

5. Rajasthani Pooja Thali Decoration

Rajasthani Thali Decoration

You need a bandhej chunri cloth, yellow cloth, thali, adhesive and embellishments for Rajasthani thali decoration.


  • Cut the cloth pieces in half-half the diameter of the thali. Apply adhesive on the thali and stick the cloth pieces. 
  • Create Rajsthani murals or patterns using the embellishments. Decorate the edge with lace or thread. 
  • Once done, let it dry. Now your puja thali decoration is complete!

Use the above ideas for pooja, aarti or wedding thali decorations. In case you have other ideas, do share with us and stay tuned for more updates.

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amazing blog on pooja thali


All the listed thali decoration is just gorgeous. I also want my Karwa Chauth thali to be this much extra special.

Divya Malhotra

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