Ah, Indian weddings… these are easily the some of the most flamboyant events in the world. The extravagance starts with the wedding venue itself, which tends to be full of lights, gold, diamonds, loud music, lots of booze and last, but in no way least, food. The next flamboyant part of Indian weddings are the gift items for the married couple. A lot of people tend to buy really expensive and flashy wedding gifts for friends like presents like branded watches, jewelry and other items alike. This practice works for some but a lot of the times, the only aspect considered while buying these gifts are the value of them. Now, it’s safe to assume no couple would mind a flamboyant gift, but you have to keep in mind the usability and gesture that should come with any present. So, without further a due, let’s get right down to the unique gift items for marriage for the 2018 wedding season!

My Bridal Box

My Bridal Box

Frist things first, you need to remember that regardless of which side you’re attending the wedding from, you must treat the couple like a single individual. Afterall, they are embarking on this journey as a married couple, together. So, get them something that would be of use to both. Now, if you really want to get your soon to be wed friend a gift you know he/she is going to love, make sure you pick up something for their other half too. Simply because it would be rude to simply ignore the other individual.

Let the list begin!

1. Spa Packages

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing day at the spa? It’s easily one of the most popular means to relaxation and believe me when I say the couple will need to relax right after the ceremonies! Indian weddings are not only long but are filled with formalities that just never seem to end. These formalities take the life out of everyone involved, especially the couple. Which is why booking them a spa day will be appreciated more than any other material present. Making it a unique wedding gift ideas!

    Spa Wedding Gift


    2. Home Decor 

    Now home decor is another gift item for married couples that has value in terms of usability. Feng Shui Home décor items are quite a good option for home décor gifting as they bring positivity to the home and that’s something ever married couple hopes for when moving in together. The aesthetics and the positive vibes Feng Shui items carry is sure to put a smile on their faces!

      Home Decor Wedding Gifts

       Feng Shui Metal Lucky Coin Bells Wind Chime 

      3. Holiday Packages

      Now let’s say you’re one of those individuals who really wants to make a grand gesture to their best bud who’s getting married. Go ahead and pick out a holiday package for them! Not for their honeymoon, as it’s best to let the couple choose that. But as a post honeymoon gift! This is the best wedding gifts for friends, which are bound to appreciate. Luckily for the one making this gesture, a lot of travel companies offer simple and relatively inexpensive holiday packages for you to choose from.

        Holiday Package Wedding Gift


        4. Home Appliances

        Now, this is a relatively common style of wedding presents that seems to be losing popularity. It’s not exactly a unique wedding gift idea but one can’t ignore just how thoughtful these gifts have the potential to be. For example, if you know your friend or his/her spouse is health conscious, go on and gift them an air fryer! Or if you know they are heavy into technology, you can go ahead and gift them the latest gadgets in the market.

          Home Appliance Wedding Gift

          5. Chocolates & Sweets

          Now you friends may be all grown up, but you have to admit, no matter how old you get, no one turns down a chocolate! Which is why it’s a good idea to pick up chocolate gift packs from your local supermarkets or order the same online. Nowadays, there are multiple different packs of chocolates and candies available for gifting purposes. Don’t be surprised if you end up finding a chocolate gift pack specifically for weddings.

            Chocolate Wedding Gifts


            6. Crockery Sets

            Another extremely useful gift for a newly wed couple would be lavish crockery set. It’s safe to say the newly weds will be having guests over day in day out even after the wedding. A fancy crockery set will be appreciated when you’ve got multiple guests to serve almost everyday and you don’t want to use the basic set of plates, spoons, forks etc. Not only is a gift like this thoughtful but its also relatively low cost and quite easily available.

              Crockery Set Wedding Set


              7. Cash

              Now, let’s say you’re dead out of ideas. Don’t stress! Cash is always an option at an Indian wedding and has been quite a common and much appreciated wedding gift for married couples. Mainly because couples receiving this cash can then go and pick out the exact gift they wanted without having to worry about putting up a fake smile while opening something they didn’t really want or need. Not only that, it saves you the hassle of going out and searching for a present your friend may or may not like.

                Cash Wedding Gift


                8. Gift Vouchers

                Now this is another present that falls into the unique wedding gifts These are similar to cash in the sense that it gives the couple the ability to go out to a certain store, say pantaloons, and pick out whatever they want. The vouchers you can find online cover pretty much every industry there is! Whether it’s tech related or apparel related, you can bet the brand offers vouchers for the same. So, say your friend is massively into technology. You can go ahead and pick out a voucher for a store like chroma and let your buddy choose what he wants. Not only that, gifting a couple a voucher saves you your precious time as well!

                  9. Jewelry

                  Jewelry is for both men and women. Women like their jewelry to be in the form of bangles, necklaces, earrings etc. While for men, jewelry comes in the form of branded watches, bands etc. They might not classify watches as jewelry, but they do fall under the broad category. Again, it’s important to buy them something relevant. It could be a his and her band that has their initials engraved or a his and her watch pack that comes with 2 styles of the same watch. All these presents hold more value than just going out and buying the most expensive or flashy item you can find.

                    Jewelry Wedding Gifts

                    10. A Date

                    Yeah, you did not read that wrong. This is an extremely unique wedding gift that is sure to put a smile on the couples face. Reserving a table for the couple in the cities most romantic restaurant is sure to bring more joy to them than any other material gift. A date is a gift you can bet they will appreciate. Nothing screams romance like a candle light dinner in a up town restaurant. Just make sure the billing is being sent over to you… It’d be pretty awkward if your friends received a bill after their date night present.

                      date wedding gift

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                      • Posted on by Sanam Mehra

                        These are truly wonderful ideas, from the products to experiences the couple would be pleased with such kind of gifts. Some guests may indeed feel stuck in the thought of what to get the couple and it would be a real waste if the couple got any sort of repeat gifts or any gift which they do not require. To avoid all this, the best way would be to get the couple to create a gift registry, wherein they can get the gifts they require rather than any awkward situations.

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