Take Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor’s Mehndi Ceremony Pics

Sonam Kapoor's Wedding

After Anushka and Virat’s wedding, it’s time for Sonam Kapoor and her long-time boyfriend Anand Ahuja’s wedding! You girls might be looking for mehndi ceremony inspirations from these celebrities’ weddings, right?

Let’s have a sneak peek of mehndi ceremony in every Hindu wedding.
Mehndi is a pre-wedding ritual rejoiced mainly by the bride’s side or family. It marks a wonderful occasion wherein mehndi paste or henna is applied on the bride’s hands and feet. Girls and ladies also apply mehndi on their hands and feet to rejoice the essence of a wedding ceremony.

Mehendi Ceremony Box

The green paste marks one of the sixteen adornments a bride puts on her D-Day. Once the ritual begins, a bride is prohibited from going out.

Wanna see how Sonam Kapoor celebrated her Mehendi ceremony, what she put on and which henna design she chose? Let’s have a look at below pictures.
Sonam is seen rocking an Anuradha Vakil lehenga with big danglers. Anand, on the other hand, flaunted an achkan in the same color combination.

Tips to rock your Mehendi Ceremony

Sonam Kapoor Mehndi Ceremony Pic

You know, you can rock your mehendi ceremony just like celebrities! Yes, we have some amazing tips and tricks that will make the day memorable. Let’s check out what are they-

Arrange Antakshari or Group Singing Game

Mehndi Ceremony

Since mehndi ceremony is incomplete without singing, arrange a game for the same. Ask your guests and relatives to make three, four or five groups. Tell them to compete with each other and play Antakshari. This will add to the pre-wedding fervor.

Put on your dancing shoes and groove

Celebrity Wedding Pics

No dance in a wedding ceremony is like no salt in the food! It’s, in fact, the soul of a pre-wedding ceremony like this! Ask your guests to dance either on the drum beats or latest Bollywood numbers. Even a dance competition would add glitters to your ritual.

Find the bride game

Mehndi Ceremony Tips

How about devising an interesting game? Form two groups. Ask one group to hide the bride and another to find the bride. This will elevate the level of enjoyment one would have in pre-wedding ritual.

Make a selfie-with-bride point

Anushka Virat Mehndi

Since the day is all about applying henna and having a good time together let’s click some selfies. Create a selfie-with-bride point and invite every guest to click a selfie together. Even the most uninterested guests will find it interesting!

Have fun with food

Mehndi Ceremony Ideas

Want to delight your guests with an unusual but interesting game? Arrange some food eating competition. Golgappa, rasogulla, laddu, pick tiny treats to treat the taste buds while having great fun! Who doesn’t want to relish some refreshing munchies while being in a wedding? This will surely bring out the foodie in every guest accompanying your mehendi ceremony!

Choose any of the above games and make your mehendi ceremony unforgettable! And, don’t forget to get your mehndi box ready in advance to bask in the pre-wedding ceremony whole-heartedly!

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