Do you know about Shiv tandav stotram? This Hindu Hymn is the description of Lord Shiva’s power and is recited in Shiv temples or infront of Lord Shiva Idols. Shiv tandav is said to have been first mentioned by Ravana- the Demon King of Lanka. There is an interesting fact behind the origin of Shiv stotram.

Here in this blog, we are going to unearth this fact. So, keep scrolling to know how Shiv tandav stotram came into existence.

Ravana and Kuber both were the sons of Sage Visharva. However, Kuber was Ravana’s step-brother. Before Ravana, Kuber was the ruling Lanka.

He defeated Kuber and claimed Lanka as his kingdom. Ravana was proud of conquering Lanka and was even took over Kuber’s flying chariot- Pushpak Veemaan.

One day he was riding in his flying chariot. Suddenly, his chariot hit at Mount Kailash (the abode of Lord Shiva) and stopped.

Seeing this, Ravana, who was blinded in pride, ordered Mount Kailash to clear off his way. The Mount didn’t do what Ravana wanted. This made him annoyed and he threatened the Mount Kailash to uproot.

The fierce Ravana got off the Pushpak Veemaan and started uprooting the Mount. He even managed to lift the Mount Kailash for a while, but Lord Shiva pressed it with His toe. The mountain became firm and impossible to be moved. Ravana’s hands were crushed by the weight of Lord Shiva’s toe on the mountain. Ravana cried in agony and did RAAV. His crying in suffering was so powerful that it thrilled Akash Lok, Prithvi Lok and Patal Lok- all the three worlds. This is why Lord Shiva gave him the name Raavan.

King Ravana stayed there for about fourteen days. He chanted mantras for Lord Shiva and asked for His forgiveness.

It was on the eve of Pradosha when he chanted Shiv tandav mantra to pacify Lord Shiva. He chanted the mantras in perfect lyrics. He devoted himself to chanting these mantras.

The strotam worked and appeased Lord Shiva. He forgave Ravana and showered him with several boons.

Listen to Shiva Tandava Stotram with Sanskrit Lyrics.


Find here Shiv tandav stotram lyrics in English.

Shiv tandav stotram lyrics in English


Find here Shiv tandav stotram lyrics in Hindi.

Shiv tandav stotram lyrics in Hindi.

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