Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you ready to nail the Christmas celebration, but haven’t found any Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas? Here is a list of some of the greatest affordable gifting options that will make your Christmas shopping much easier. From Urlis and enticing jewelry, Feng Shui items, water fountains to gorgeous home decor items and so much more, you will find everything at our largest online shopping store.

1. Enchanting Zuma Dry Fruit Gift Box

Gifting this lovely dry fruit box is the most delicious way to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas this year. Packed beautifully in lovely jars, this pleasing floral gift box brings you a wide variety of rich dry fruits like almonds, cashew, pistachio, and raisins.

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2. Vivid Tassel Threadwork Earrings 

Make this Christmas extra special for your female friend who truly loves to flaunt herself at every party or celebration. Reflecting grace and beauty in every sense, these earrings made from the best quality materials are available in Lapis Blue, Salmon Pink, and Strawberry Pink colors.

3. Sconce Wall Hanging T-light Holder

Looking for a stunning gift this Christmas?? Have a look at this Sconce wall hanging t-light holder which is a true masterpiece and works as a great gifting option for your near & dear friend. 

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4. Rose Quartz & Amethyst Vanilla Crystal Aromatherapy Candles (Set of 4)

Express your love and joy towards your best friend this Christmas with this master healer. Place your order today itself for these candles made from 100% natural wax and essential oils and spread positivity.

5. Turkish Evil Eye Feng Shui Wall Hanging Decor

Setting itself apart from the usual and boring gift items, here is a stunning product you can find at our store at an affordable price. Designed to shield the home, office, and people from negativity, evil spirits and other bad omens, this Turkish Evil Eye Feng Shui wall decor is a perfect gifting item. 

6. Zaria Multicolor Serving Tray

This set of 3 royal serving trays with stunning and detailed designing appeal exquisite. Ready to be delivered at your doorstep, this Zaria multicolor serving tray is a perfect gift for any women. 

7. Sweet Dreams Bath Salt

If you are doubtful about presenting this Sweet Dreams Bath Salt to your colleague as a Secret Santa gift, no worries, everyone loves to have a spa treatment at home itself.

 8. Ganesha with 2 Vessels Fountain          

Add a spiritual touch to this Christmas celebration with this adorable Ganesha idol which comes with 2 vessels depicting the water fountains. Offering a gorgeous and soothing view to our eyes, this lovely piece of decor.

 9. Mini Trio Chocolate Gift Box

This collection of heavenly delicacy defines its richness in every bite. Made with love from luxurious ingredients and shaped into little hearts, this Mini Trio Chocolate Gift Box is a perfect Secret Santa gift item through which you can express your feelings to ‘THAT’ special person.

 10. Golden Feng Shui Gods of Wealth Fuk Luk Sau     

Defining happy mood, youthfulness, good luck, and prosperity, these Gods of Wealth i.e;  Fuk Luk Sau are one of the most pristine figurines or   Feng Shui items. Grab this amazing item now!!

 11. Handcrafted Vintage Trinket Box

This is another amazing Secret Santa gift item that will bring a wide smile to the face of the receiver. Extremely beautiful, this vintage trinket box which is made of wooden material appeals eye-catching with the lovely color combination. 

 12. Golden Leafy Urli Stand

Crafted in brass, this designer Urli is a great choice for Secret Santa gift items. These Urlis are available in small, medium, and large sizes as well as in a set of three.

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