Reiki Home Accessories You Need To Bring Home In 2019

Reiki Crystal Healing Products
Before we get to Reiki products & whether they have any health benefits, let’s talk about Reiki as a whole. Reiki is a healing technique that deals with channeling energy into a patient by touch to activate the natural healing processes of the body. This is said to restore the physical & emotional well-being of the patient.

Like any other alternate medicine, Reiki healing has had its fair share of criticism. But what can’t be denied is the increasing number of people seeking reiki medicine. However, the biggest problem with Reiki isn’t whether or not these practices help, it’s the lack of Reiki healing clinics & the high cost associated to them.

So how can one get the benefits of Reiki at home? Luckily, the markets these days are increasing their holding of Reiki products for home and these products aren’t nearly as expensive as the treatment itself. With that said, let’s get into some of the best Reiki products you can buy online for home!

1. Orgonite Malachite Natural Pyramids -

vastu pyramid

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This is a healing pyramid made using crystals, resin & holds within it, a copper ring. You might have seen this product being used as a paper weight, but some experts will tell you it’s a lot more than that. Here are some of its most well-known benefits –

  • Lucid Dreaming – If you’ve ever been up at night googling information about lucid dreaming and how to do it, the Orgonite Malachite Pyramid might just be able to help you enhance your mental ability to achieve this! Afterall, reiki products are known to increase concentration.
  • Stress Relief – Orgonite is said to have similar effects to negative ion generators such as Himalayan salt lamps. This helps reduce stress as negative ions are said to produce biochemical reactions in our bloodstream. These reactions improve serotine levels that is the chemical needed to alleviate stress & other health issues.
  • Supports Restful Sleep – The serotine spoken about in the previous point is what also aids in a peaceful & goodnights sleep. Less stress always equals better sleep.
  • Aids In Meditation – The negative ions help create a calm & stress-free mind, this in turn helps one meditate with a bit more focus & thus improves the effects of his/her meditational practices.
  • Air Purification – The negative ions present in this Reiki product help trap water molecules from the air. These molecules can contain pollutants that are harmful for your health.

2. Agate Natural Ball - 

sphere Agate Natural Ball

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Agate is a material that can be found in layers lining geodes in the earth’s surface and is translucent in appearance. It is a common term for banded fibrous chalcedony and is a variety of crypto-crystalline or silicon dioxide. Two types of banding can be found with Agate, Wall lining banding & Horizontal banding. It can be found in multiple colors such as white, brown, pink, black etc. It is said that the healing powers stem from the internal composition of these agate balls. Listed below are some of its health benefits that can be availed if placed in proximity to the right chakras –

  • Physical Healing – These stones are said to help one balance their emotional, physical & intellectual state of being. It is said to have the power to heal the eyes, stomach, uterus & is even said to cleanse the lymphatic systems of your body.
  • Yin & Yang Harmonization – This harmonization of Yin & Yang elements that are said to hold the universe in place are said help one achieve emotional stability. It is said to help individuals who have trouble finding themselves by bring out previously hidden emotional information that includes emotional trauma.
  • Concentration – It is said that having one of these agate natural balls can help you concentrate a little bit harder & with more efficiency. It is said to help in both meditation as well as cellular memory & dimensional healing.
  • Your Spirit – As a byproduct of the above, it is said to help one enhance their overall spirit by aiding in spiritual growth & inner stability.

3. 7 Chakra Beads - 

7 Chakra Round Beads Multicolor Mala

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Yogic tradition states that there are 7 chakras within our body. This 7 chakra Mala is said to represent each one of those elements. Each of these chakras is supposed to be linked to various organs in our body. If these chakras are blocked, energy does not flow freely, and this can lead to serious health complications. The power of these beads is supposed to stem from the crystals used to make them. Without further a due, here are some of the health benefits offered.

  • The energy possessed by the crystals that compromise of the beads is said to help remove stress & helps one stay focused.
  • The stones or crystals which are in a constant state of vibration like everything around us are said to help restore & maintain internal energy balance. This keeps all the chakras in check.
  • Just like the Orgonite Malachite Pyramids, this 7 chakra bead can help cure physical, emotional & spiritual difficulties.
  • It is believed that wearing these bracelets or malas can help one receive good fortune & prosperity by helping the person in question improve themselves as a whole.
These are just some of the various Reiki products you can buy online. The health benefits mentioned here just scratch the surface of what can be achieved if one can use these products to help themselves reach a self-aware state of consciousness.
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