Lord Narasimha Jayanti 2023- The Story that Teaches Us All the Power of Devotion & Belief

Lord Narasimha Jayanti 2023- The Story that Teaches Us All the Power of Devotion & Belief

Narasimha Jayanti marks the day on which Lord Narasimha appeared. It often falls on Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi and is known as the birth of Narasimha- the 4th avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Narasimha Chaturdashi 2023 is going to be celebrated on Tuesday 25th May. The day is going to collide with Swati Nakshatra and Saturday which is deemed to be highly auspicious.

So folks, are you going to observe a fast or vratam to please Lord Narasimha? Keep reading this blog for more valuable details. Find out Narasimha Jayanti story here.

All about Narasimha God or Lord Vishnu’s Fourth Avatar

Narsimha Avatar

Do you know why Lord Vishnu appeared on the earth in the form of his fourth avatar? Well, there is an interesting story behind it. Every avatar of Vishnu had a specific purpose to fulfill. You will find the mention of His fourth incarnation in Shrimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavata Purana.

According to this holy scripture, Prahalada was the son of demoniac Hiranyakashipu. Lord Vishnu had killed his brother Hiranyaksha. While Prahalada devoted himself in Hari-Bhakti, Hiranyakashipu developed the grudge against Shri Hari over the period.

When he came to know that Prahalada had great devotion for Lord Vishnu, he tried deviating him from Hari-Bhakti. He even hired the eminent teachers Sanda and Amarka to impart the best education to his son. But all went in vain as Prahlada has no interest in worldly thing but the adulation of Narayan.

When he came to know that it's impossible to deviate Prahlada from Hari-Bhakti, he despised his own son. He tried innumerable ways to kill Prahlada.

In his last attempt, Hiranyakashipu took the help of his sister Holika. He asked her to kill Prahlada by sitting on a burning pyre with him. Holika had the boon that no fire would ever burn her. But when she sat on the pyre with Prahlada, she turned into ashes and Prahlada came unharmed.

This made Hiranyakashipu even more furious. Later he asked Prahlada if God is great; if He lives everywhere. Prahlada replied him yes, God is everywhere. Then Hiranyakashipu asked him if He resides in the pillars of his palace. Again Prahlada replied yes.

Laughing out loud on his son’s reply, Hiranyakashipu hammered his weapon on one of the pillars.

Suddenly, there was a turbulent sound and he saw Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar emerging out of the pillar.

The Ending of Hiranyakashipu

Lord Narsimha

As Hiranyakashipu had a special benediction from Lord Brahma that no human would ever kill him; neither by day nor by night; neither in the sky nor on the land or by any weapon, Lord Vishnu incarnated himself in a very different avatar.

He came out of one of the pillars with the body of half a lion and half a human.

It was neither day nor night but twilight.

There was no weapon involved; no battle was fought.

Lord Narasimha took him at the entryway of the palace.

He killed him with his nails and ended his menace.

As Narasimha appeared at the dusk on the Chaturdashi, the day is called Narasimha Chaturdashi or Jayanti.

Narasimha Jayanti Significance

Narsimha God

Narsingh Chaturdashi signifies the win of good over evil. It gives people a lesson that no matter how strong evil may be, it can be defeated. The power of belief is stronger than anything. It is said that people who fast on this day get Bhagwan Vishnu’s blessings. The Lord also fulfills their wishes and desires.

The fasting has same rituals as of Ekadashi vrat. Devotees start the fast by worshipping and taking only one meal before Narasimha Jayanti. On the auspicious day, they adulate Bhagwan Narsingh and observe a day-long fast. They do not take grains and cereals but fruits. They break the fast the next day on parna.

Narasimha Jayanti Mantra

Narsimha Mantra

Reap multifarious benefits by chanting Narasimha mantra given below-

Ito Nṛsiṁhaḥ Parato Nṛsiṁho

Yato Yato Yāmi Tato Nṛsiṁhaḥ

Bahir Nṛsiṁho Hṛdaye Nṛsiṁho

Nṛsiṁham Adiṁ Saraṇaṁ Prapadye

Now you know the story behind this auspicious day. Let’s celebrate Narasimha Jayanti and seek the blessings of Lord Narasimha!

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