How To Celebrate Mother’s Day In India?

how to celebrate mother’s day in India

Ever since Mother’s Day was officially recognized by the US government in 1914, people have always wondered how best to celebrate Mother’s Day. Whether you’re in India, America or somewhere in Europe, the question “how to celebrate Mother’s Day” has plagued the minds of all loving sons, daughters and for that matter husbands too.

With that in mind, we decided to create a basic guide on how best to celebrate Mother’s Day. You won’t find any “fly her out to Europe” ideas here! Just good old fashioned “put a smile on her face” solutions.

Dummies Guide To Mother’s Day Celebrations:

1. Cook For Her!

how to celebrate mother’s day in india? - cook for her

In India, mothers are the one’s doing all the cooking, pretty much most of the time. If not, they’re probably busy managing your home cooks to ensure the family gets good quality meals on time.

So why not cook for her on this special day? Doesn’t matter if you can’t cook either! You could make something simple like an omelette for breakfast or a club sandwich for lunch. Now I understand, a club sandwich still might be a bit too much for some…including myself. So, if you’re on the same boat as me, get someone to help you out. Whether it’s your home cook, friends or father, take some help and make her something you know she’ll appreciate.

Remember, it’s not about the meal, it’s about the thought and the gesture…. But yeah, it’s probably better if the meal is good too. If you feel your meal is going to be a bit average, throw in a little message with famous mother’s day quotes. If the quote is good enough, you should be able to get her to smile, laugh, blush or even cry (although we’d suggest avoiding those quotes…)

2. Stay At Home

how to celebrate mother’s day in india- stay at home

When an occasion is called Mother’s Day, it goes without saying it should be spent with your mom and the rest of the family. So, cancel any plans you may have with friends on this day. The gesture of staying home with your parents is bound to be appreciated by your mom as well as your dad for that matter.

You need to understand that a mom’s biggest fear is losing the innocence of a mother-daughter or mother-son relationship to age, maturity and new beginnings. While this is only natural, you can always show her that age, maturity and life will never have an effect your relationship with her by staying home and celebrating the occasion like you would when you were young.

3. Gather The Mums

gather the mums

If you’re planning to do something a little extra this Mother’s Day, we’d suggest gathering all of your moms’ close friends (Who are moms too ofcourse) and organizing a big mothers appreciation dinner party with music, food and all your family friends.

This is probably the best way to celebrate if your mom has a lot of close friends who she doesn’t get to meet that often due to all her commitments. As a result, not only will she be spending her Mother’s Day with her family, but all her friends too.

4. Pamper Her

how to celebrate mother’s day in India-pamper her

Alright let’s face it, most of us were heavily pampered as kids. No matter what people would say about excessive pampering and spoilt kids, our mothers usually couldn’t resist.

So, instead of being pampered, become the one doing the pampering. Now, what comes under pampering is going to be different from family to family and from person to person, however, you’ll know what appeals to your mother better than me or anyone else writing things about Mother’s Day on the internet.

If your mom’s idea of pampering involves a spa… send her to one. If it involves being cooked for, as mentioned above, cook for her! If she likes being given gifts and celebrated… do just that!

You get the idea….

5. Take A Class Together

how to celebrate mother’s day in India-take a class together

Mothers and fathers will always put their families first and as a result, are bound to appreciate the kids trying to do the same. So, gather the fam and enrol yourselves for a special class together. Whether the class involves fitness, pottery, yoga or cooking is well off the point.

It’s about quality time together. I’m sure you’re thinking oh well that can be done at home and you’d be right. However, a class is a learning experience, and nothing brings people closer than learning something together. Just look at how close you and your best friends from school and college are…

These 5 simple ideas on how to celebrate Mother’s Day should be more than enough to put a real smile on your mother’s face… Not the smile people make when you gift them fancy things, but the smile you see when someone is genuinely overcome with emotion.

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