Healing Crystals and the Sciene behind it!

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Humans have long used crystals to fulfil their spiritual needs. Almost every era and civilisation have a history of people being fascinated by crystals like gemstones, minerals, or jewels. Diamonds are given as a symbol of everlasting love and marriage, whereas sapphires are given as gifts to symbolize fidelity. Back then, sailors used to carry aquamarine with them to calm the sea and ensure a safe return to land.

Crystals have been used for generations as ornaments and symbols of authority, but their use goes beyond aesthetic appeal. Ancient civilisations used crystals for embellishment, medicine, healing, meditation, protection, offerings, and currency.

Energy, Crystals and The Human Body

Crystals, like humans, are made up of stardust. So when the crystal's magnetic field connects with the human body's magnetic field, its vibrations repair and balance them, providing natural healing.

The crystal's energy can start influencing you by being close to your auric field. To truly embrace a crystal's healing vibrations, one must be conscious and have an open heart. Crystals interpret your desires and know the demands of the energy you emit.

How Do They Work?

Although there is no scientific proof to support the healing powers of crystals, embracing these stones for self-care is getting more popular. Let us explore some of the working secrets of these healing crystals.

Science has proven that crystals emit frequencies and vibrate energy at their core. The atoms, protons, and other elements visible in a crystal under a microscope are actually moving energy particles. Sacred geometry, mineral composition, and color frequency all contribute to the distinctive vibrational resonance that distinguishes each crystal.

Additionally, crystal therapy is founded on the idea that everything is truly just energy at its core and that we are more than just our physical body. Everything is energy, so our thoughts, feelings, diseases, and circumstances all have their energy vibrations or resonances.

When you hold, meditate or work with a crystal that represents love, it gets activated, and you will feel its energy vibration. It starts interacting with your energy. Since they are flawless geometric physical creations of light in physical form, crystals have a higher frequency. Therefore, when held in hand or placed on the body, these crystals promote self-healing by stimulating, transforming, absorbing, dispersing, and clearing energetic blocks within and around you.

Most Commonly Used Healing Crystals

Whether you are looking for love, healing, peace, support, strength, abundance, or simply positive vibes, there are crystals for everyone. Below we have mentioned a few popular healing crystals used worldwide.

Quartz (Rose)

People who wish to attract an abundance of love, joy, and the benefits of self-healing often wear a Rose quartz crystal healing bracelet. The crystal healing bracelet balances and emits calming energies of unrestricted love between partners and refreshes your heart with an amazing energy force. It is a stone of universal love.

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Bracelet For Self Esteem & Self Love

The soothing energy of this crystal healing bracelet relieves stress and tension in the heart by releasing anger, hatred, and jealousy toward others. This eventually leads to healing of the heart problems and disease caused by holding on to such negative emotions. In addition to helping with heart problems, Rose Quartz crystal bracelets are used to treat lung and thymus conditions.



Amethyst crystals are said to have spiritual powers and can be used by people to achieve higher levels of consciousness. It is a quartz crystal that ranges in color from pale lavender to intense violet. Wearing an Amethyst Natural Crystal Necklace purifies the aura and offers defense against harmful negative energies. The Amethyst crystal necklace truly transforms negativity into love rather than merely protecting us from it.


Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet | Stone for Wealth & Protection

Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet is one of the most popular healing crystals that transform negative energies into joyous ones. In addition to promoting digestion, citrine helps prevent kidney and bladder infections. It enhances digestion, detoxifies the body, and circulates blood more effectively. The ability of citrine to increase vitality and lessen fatigue, promoting alignment and creativity in life, is one of its most vital healing qualities.

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