Shri Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti Vidhi and Benefits Every Devotee Should Read

vidhi and benefits of shri hanuman ji ki aarti

Do you perform Hanuman ji ki aarti? Do you know the benefits that it provides? Aarti is one of the integral rituals of every pooja ceremony held in Hindu religion.

In simple words, it’s the ritual in which devotees sing in the praise of a deity. Aarti constitutes lighting ghee diya with camphor on a decorated plate. This plate is moved clockwise in front of deities while singing.

Aarti is dedicated to a specific deity. Shri Hanuman ji ki aarti praises Lord Hanumana, the devotee of Lord Rama. Hanumana symbolizes the strength of character. He’s an emblem of power who can do anything from swallowing the Sun to moving the mountains and destroying goblets, ghosts and enemies.

Devotees perform Hanuman Ji ki aarti to appease Him and take His blessings.

How to perform Shri Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti?

how to perform jai hanuman ji ki aarti?

You can perform Shri Hanuman ji ki aarti in the morning and evening. Purify yourself with a bath before conducting aarti. Proper vidhi vidhaan or following every step carefully is very important. Prepare for the ceremony in advance by decorating a thali with flowers, bell, incense sticks, Akshat (uncooked rice), a traditional tumbler (copper lota) filled with water, diya, camphor, ghee, oil, and roli.

Begin the ritual by offering flowers, Akshat, roli and water to the Anjanya. Offer fruits and sweets as well. Light the diya and camphor and perform aarti by singing the lyrics of Jai Hanuman ji ki aarti. Also ring the bell all along the ritual.

Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti Video

Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti In Hindi Lyrics

आरती कीजै हनुमान लला की।
दुष्ट दलन रघुनाथ कला की॥

जाके बल से गिरिवर कांपे।
रोग दोष जाके निकट न झांके॥

अंजनि पुत्र महा बलदाई।
सन्तन के प्रभु सदा सहाई॥

दे बीरा रघुनाथ पठाए।
लंका जारि सिया सुधि लाए॥

लंका सो कोट समुद्र-सी खाई।
जात पवनसुत बार न लाई॥

लंका जारि असुर संहारे।
सियारामजी के काज सवारे॥

लक्ष्मण मूर्छित पड़े सकारे।
आनि संजीवन प्राण उबारे॥

पैठि पाताल तोरि जम-कारे।
अहिरावण की भुजा उखारे॥

बाएं भुजा असुरदल मारे।
दाहिने भुजा संतजन तारे॥

सुर नर मुनि आरती उतारें।
जय जय जय हनुमान उचारें॥

कंचन थार कपूर लौ छाई।
आरती करत अंजना माई॥

जो हनुमानजी की आरती गावे।
बसि बैकुण्ठ परम पद पावे॥
jai hanuman ji ki aarti in hindi

Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti In English Lyrics

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki।
Dusht Dalan Ragunath Kala Ki॥

Jake Bal Se Girivar Kaanpe।
Rog Dosh Ja Ke Nikat Na Jhaanke॥

Anjani Putra Maha Baldaaee।
Santan Ke Prabhu Sada Sahai॥

De Beera Raghunath Pathaaye।
Lanka Jaari Siya Sudhi Laaye॥

Lanka So Kot Samundra-Si Khai।
Jaat Pavan Sut Baar Na Lai॥

Lanka Jaari Asur Sanhare।
Siyaramji Ke Kaaj Sanvare॥

Lakshman Moorchhit Pade Sakaare।
Aani Sajeevan Pran Ubaare॥

Paithi Pataal Tori Jam-kaare।
Ahiravan Ke Bhuja Ukhaare॥

Baayen Bhuja Asur Dal Mare।
Daahine Bhuja Santjan Tare॥

Sur Nar Muni Aarti Utare।
Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Uchaare॥

Kanchan Thaar Kapoor Lau Chhaai।
Aarti Karat Anjana Maai॥

Jo Hanumanji Ki Aarti Gaave।
Basi Baikunth Param Pad Pave॥

shri hanuman ji ki aarti lyrics in english

Benefits of Shri Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti

benefits of shri hanuman ji ki aarti

• It helps one find strength and power

• This pooja can help enhance one’s wisdom and level of intelligence

• It helps increases one’s wealth and removes all prior financial problems

• It can help you get the job you desire

• Your childhood dreams can turn into reality by performing this aarti

• All the sins committed in your current and past life are removed

• It can help improve your business situation


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Is it necessary to chant om namah shivaya after hanuman aarti and hanuman chalisa


Is it possible to chant on nah shivaya after hanuman chalisa will it be fruitful


Hi Sonal,

Hanuman ji is considered to be an avatar(or an ‘ansh’, to be specific) of Lord Shiva or Lord Rudra.

My Pooja Box

Whose avatar is Hanuman?

Sonal Shukla

Hi Shreya,

Laddoo, jaggery, chana, guava and pomegranate can be offered to please him as these are his favourite foods. But remember, all offerings have to be made out of the good of your heart as Lord Hanuman can judge the level of devotion you show. If you make any offering hoping for self-gain at others expense, you will be very disappointed.

Hope this helps

My Pooja Box

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