Don’t Miss Out On The Latest Rakhi Designs For Your Brother

latest rakhi designs

With Raksha Bandhan edging closer, the My Pooja Box team thought it’d be best to introduce devotees around the country to the latest Rakhi designs available in the market today. Afterall, Rakhi’s have been around a long time now and it’s only right that we get something new to choose from every now and then.

As this festival has been around for so long a time, it was an eventuality that Rakhi’s would start to break away from traditional designs and onto something a bit more contemporary. So be prepared to see some Rakhi designs you never thought would ever exist.

Anyway, let’s get into the latest Rakhi designs available online in today’s market.

Latest Rakhi Designs

1. Gemstone Rakhi’s

latest gemstone rakhis design

This is probably the latest in design trends for Rakhi’s and features exquisite gemstones for centre pieces. These gemstones are found naturally within the earths crust and are said to have various spiritual healing properties. To add to the appeal, these stones are also magnificent to look at. Thus, making this one of the most thoughtful Rakhi’s you can get for your brother.

2. Ornate Stone Rakhi’s

Ornate stone Rakhi’s are another brand-new trend in Rakhi designs. However, these Rakhi’s don’t bother with spiritual healing and what have you. They have been designed with just one purpose; to look stunning. That purpose my friends, has been fulfilled because these have some of the most sophisticated looks out there. So sophisticated in fact, that they look more like designer bracelets and less like Rakhi’s.

3. 24KT Gold Foil Rakhi’s

latest ornate stone rakhis design

Gold and silver Rakhi’s have been available for a long time now. They gained popularity for two main reasons; They are extremely valuable and the metals of gold and silver have always been considered auspicious in Indian culture. However, this latest Rakhi design has very little to do with gold and silver Rakhi’s of old. These Rakhi’s have been made using a gold wrapping process. This not only reduces the cost of the Rakhi’s but also adds to the visual appeal as the gold can be wrapped over any shape or size.

4. Bejewelled Rakhi’s

latest bejewelled rakhi design

These Rakhi’s, believe it or not, are flashier than the 24KT gold foil Rakhi’s mentioned above. These Rakhi’s use a combination of non or semi-precious crystals along with traditional threads, rudraksha seeds and more to create a piece that will attack your senses. So, if you want your Rakhi to stand out this Raksha Bandhan, this is the latest rakhi design you need to gift to your brother.

5. Zari Sequence Rakhi’s

Previously, the latest Rakhi design trends brought in something known as Zardosi Rakhi’s. Now however, we have access to Zari Sequence bead Rakhi’s.  They might look similar from afar but on close inspection, you’ll be able to see the subtle differences in the method of embroidery used. Unlike Zardosi, Zari sequence Rakhi’s use synthetic threads to create their designs. This used to be done with real gold and silver, however, not only were those extremely costly raw materials to use, but could also potentially cause skin allergies. If you’re worried about the visual appeal coming down because of this shift to synthetic threads, worry not because these Rakhi’s look just as stunning, if not more stunning than their predecessors. Plus, they cost about 3 times less!

So, if you want your brother to stand out this Raksha Bandhan, keep these latest Rakhi design trends in mind. He’s bound to enjoy, cherish and appreciate any of the above designs.

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