50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

50th birthday gift ideas for Men and Women

50th birthday is a mark of a person reaching a milestone not only in terms of the number of years spent on this planet, but the experiences encountered in this beautiful journey of life. To make this day special in every way, families and friends plan a spectacular birthday to rejoice and celebrate this major milestone in a person’s life. Gifts, a token of love and appreciation are equally important, and choosing a gift to mark this special occasion can sometimes be a little difficult.

My Pooja Box makes the task of finding unique and exquisite presents easy with their extensive collection of limited edition items, authentic decor pieces, and spiritually enriching gifts.

50th birthday gift ideas for men

Buying a gift for a man is never easy and any man celebrating his 50th birthday does deserve an exclusive and unique gift to keep the memories alive of this special day. For men appreciating finer things in life and possessing a taste for distinctive 50th birthday gifts, a variety of exclusive options are available online on MyPoojaBox. From the aromatic fragrance of aroma diffuser and therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt lamps to the elegant selection of beautiful statues of gods and goddesses, there is something to please the discerning tastes of men celebrating their 50th birthday.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Beautifully handcrafted, the Himalayan salt lamp is known for its innumerable health benefits such as improved ability to focus, reduce migraines, minimize allergies, and provide a sense of complete wellbeing. It can be placed near the computer at the office or on a side table at home.

Himalayan Salt Lamp - best 50th birthday gift ideas for men

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Bhagavad Gita Gift Box: Offering a combination of Bhagavad Gita Book, Ganga Jal, Incense sticks, and perfume, this gift is a perfect choice for a man keen on enhancing his spiritual awareness and wisdom.

Exquisite idols: The auspicious trio of Ganesh, Lakshmi, and Saraswati is a beautifully designed gift where three of them are perched on top of gold brushed flowers and are made from clay and accentuated by hues of gold and blue.

50th Birthday gift ideas for women

Gifting a woman on her 50th birthday requires a bit of planning and knowing what kind of a gift will surprise and bring a smile on her face. The range of options is limitless, as women possess an appreciation for all things beautiful.

Vintage teacups: Dainty and charming, these vintage teacups with beautiful butterfly imprints will turn the ordinary ritual of having tea to a charming affair or they can be a pleasant addition to one’s collection of stylish crockery.

T-light holders: Always in vogue, pretty T light holders add a charming touch to the interiors and create an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort. A traditional wall scone T-light holder with dazzling latticework will lend a dash of vibrancy to the blank walls while the hanging golden 3-tier T-light holder will add a cozy glow to the room.

Set of 3 Akriti T-light Holders - best 50th Birthday gift ideas for women

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Floral dessert set: This lovely dessert set with a vintage floral theme makes for a perfect birthday gift. Elegant and charming, this six-piece dessert set is a delightful addition to one's collection of beautiful crockery.

50th birthday gift ideas for parents

Celebrating the 50th birthday of a parent holds a special significance and this is their day to be showered with appreciation, love, and warmth. Gifts are not only a token of gratitude, but they create moments that parents will cherish forever. My Pooja Box offers a fine selection of exclusive gifts to choose from ranging from beautiful candles, candle holders, urli for floating candles to soothing Himalayan lamps and bathing salts.

Scented candles: Let light and fragrant aroma fill up living spaces to create an aura of beauty, warmth, and calmness. Lending an authentic touch to the plush interiors or brightening the living room with its illuminating glow are these vibrant and colorful scented candles.

Bathing salts: Alleviating stress and helping one gain complete peace of mind are these bathing salts sourced from the Himalayas and known for their therapeutic properties. Available in four pleasing fragrances, the bathing salts can be mixed with warm water to experience the soothing aroma and complete relaxation.

Traditional urli: Traditional urli with floating candles or flowers usher in a mood of celebration and festivity and are also able to create a mystical and serene atmosphere. Gold Zoya Urli, Brass Finished Urli, and Decorative Scallop Golden Urli are just a few of the options to choose and decorate one’s home with traditional adornments.

Elegant Brass Urli-50th birthday gift ideas for parents

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Photo frames: Photo frames are a reminder of times well spent with loved ones. There is nothing more precious than capturing memories and encapsulating them within the beautiful confines of a photo frame. Photo frame with exquisite butterfly border, floral silver photo frame, double photo frame, curved glass photo frame are a couple of options one can choose from.


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