11 Handpicked Attractive Decor Items for Diwali 2023

Attractive Decor Items for Diwali

When it's Diwali time, it’s the right time to shine up every corner of your home with something aesthetically pleasing tealight holders and clay Diyas online. Hurry!! Enjoy Diwali decorative lights online shopping from the 11 Handpicked Attractive Decor Items for Diwali 2023.

1. Traditional Brass Jhula Ganesha

Enjoying an amazing ride on the swing, here is Lord Ganpati coming to your home this Diwali festival to shower His blessings on you. Perfectly fixed to an arched pillar, this traditional décor item made in brass arrests your heart.

Traditional Brass Jhula Ganesha

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2. Decorative Flower and Pearls Toran

Toran are said to shield one’s house and family members from negativity, bad omens, and other evil energies. It not only obstructs them from entering the house but also are considered to be the most auspicious décor items that elevate the beauty of the entrance of the Vastu.

3. Twinkling Stars Candle Stand

Looking for something lavish to transform the simplicity of your abode this Diwali? Enjoy a happy Diwali decorative lights online shopping at our store. This spiral candle stand designed to complement the interiors of your home mirrors the soft radiance to every nook and corner of your abode. Book your order now!!

Twinkling Stars Candle Stand

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4. Shankh Brass Diya (Set of 2)

Making it a great addition to your main entrance, pooja space, stairs, or Tulsi Katta, this set of Diyas made in brass charm up the festive vibes. Featuring beautiful Shankh or Conch-shaped Diyas inspired by the traditional design and art, this décor item available at our store makes every pooja ritual complete.

5. Handcrafted Rose Gold Chirag Dhuni/Fumer

Bring home the serenity, tranquillity, and positivity, with this rose gold made from the finest quality of Copper this Diwali festival. This exquisitely handcrafted Chirag Dhuni/Fumer when placed with hot charcoal and Dhoop releases the soothing fragrance in the air, thereby creating a perfectly calming ambiance.

Handcrafted Rose Gold Chirag Dhuni

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6. Galaxy Mint Decorative Vase

Complementing the contrast of your beautifully colored walls, this Galaxy Mint Decorative Vase shaped in hexagon reflects your taste for style. Ready to unite forever with the bunch of fresh and exotic flowers, this Vase made in ceramic and bordered with a hint of gold is extremely durable.

7. Incredible Floral Pink Yellow Backdrop Decoration

Getting ready for Laxmi Puja and having no fresh flowers to decorate? No worries then. Available in a lovely contrast of pink and yellow colors, this backdrop décor item works wonders. Suiting any background perfectly, this incredibly beautiful item available at our store comes at a pocket-friendly price.

Incredible Floral Pink Yellow Backdrop Decoration

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8. Exquisite Gold Miniature Himalayan Salt Lamp

On its way to your doorsteps with many benefits, here is an Exquisite Gold Miniature Himalayan Salt Lamp ready to be bought from our online shopping store. Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, this highly beneficial pink salt is lovingly packed in a metallic cylinder tinted with a golden hint.

9. Handcrafted Black Urli with T-light

This is a two-in-one décor item featuring a gorgeous decor item that comes with a tealight holder. With beautifully embossed petal patterns at the bottom, this Urli when filled with water and flowers makes a stunning combination with the candles circled around.

Handcrafted Black Urli with T-light

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10. Spiritual Lord Buddha Painting for Décor

Are those vacant walls calling out for their soulmate?? Well, then here is the time for them to get married the soonest!! Defining serenity, calmness, and peace of mind, this vintage painting of Lord Buddha in Vitarka Mudra or position is a true delight for your walls and a perfect item for Diwali Decoration.

11. Antique Brass Peacock Diya

Now say bye to those ordinary clay Diyas online easily available to avoid the mess caused by the leakage of oil and welcome the classy Brass Diya that will elevate the simplicity of your Vastu. Crafted in brass, this Diya featuring 11 double-layered petals with a lovely peacock on the top when lit with wicks fills your home or office with serenity.

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