11 Best home decor ideas for Diwali 2024

Home decor ideas for Diwali

Diwali being one of the most auspicious festivals, radiating your lives in every way is always incomplete without the gifts, electric Diyas for Diwali, Rangolis, decorations, and so much more. So, add a little more excitement to the festive vibes with the 11 Best home decor ideas for Diwali 2024 we have brought for you.

1. Cyra Blooming T-light

Cyra blooming T-light is a luxurious item that one needs to have at home to make your living space appealing, classy and stunning. This tree-like structured T-light comprising a good number of candle holders occupies very little space. So, light up the candles and witness the wish-fulfilling-like blooming tree shine.

Cyra Blooming T-light

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2. Mehar Golden Decorative T-light Holder

Planning for a fun Diwali night? Well, here is one of the decorative tealight candle holders showcasing intricate design shaded with a touch of matte gold. Perfect to add light to your celebrations, this item comes in small, medium, and large sizes as well as in a set of three. So, pick the one you love the most.

3. Bronze & Gold Planter

Planters are one of the immediate and evergreen options that not only add liveliness to the celebration but also make the Vastu appeal fresh and positive. And to fill your Vastu with all good vibes, here is a bronze gold platter available in small and large sizes and also in a set of two.

4. Traditional OM Layered LED Deep Thali

If you are looking out for electric Diyas for Diwali, visit our online shopping store and get introduced to this traditional OM layered LED deep Thali to accentuate the ambiance. Extremely safe to use, this deep Thali comes with a plug-in source, thereby creating an amazing effect.

Traditional OM Layered LED Deep Thali

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5. Antique Brass Gayatri OM Hanging

Invite positivity, happiness, and serenity to your home this Diwali festival with this Gayatri OM hanging décor item in your pooja space. Crafted beautifully in brass is the sacred Gayatri Mantra embossed which creates a peaceful environment.

6. Handcrafted Makhruti Hanging T-light Holder

Made in iron and coated with matte gold finish, this Makhruti hanging tea light holder which is shaped to the pyramid and hung with a chain comes with lovely latticework. Adorning your living spaces in the best possible manner, this t-light holder is also worth gifting.

7. Hammered Brass Finish Lotus Urli

Shaped to the petals of a fully bloomed Lotus to its edges, this Urli made in the finest quality of the metal is aesthetically pleasing with its hand-hammered patterns. Suitable in your living room, pooja space, entrance, corner spaces, or even balconies, this Urli filled with water, floating candles, and flowers lighten the ambiance.

Hammered Brass Finish Lotus Urli

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8. Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Large

Offering you a small-sized and a set of 2 hanging tea light holders, this traditional item with intricate design looks outstanding when lit with a candle inside. The soft glow of the light peeps out from the tiny holes which appeal truly mesmerizing.

9. Antique LED Rotating Set with Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Statue

Depicting a small open temple, this traditional and antique LED rotating set with Laxmi Ganesh statue is surrounded by 6 pillars of LED lights. So, say bye-bye to those oil Diyas that create a hassle and mess.

10. Heritage Copper Lotus Urli

Purely made and patterned in copper, this lovely item showcases the skilfully embossed design of Lotus around the whole of the diameter. Possessing a unique shine, this item when accompanied by decorative tealight candle holders create a magical reflection in the water.

11. Ganesha with 2 Vessels Fountains

Serving the purpose of celebration and the auspicious festival of lights, this adorable piece of home décor designed in polyresin is truly appealing. This beautiful item comes with 2 vessels where one vessel flows out the water into another vessel. Featuring a gorgeous backdrop, this product is perfect for Diwali celebrations.

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