Stone Collection

Stone Collection

Shop Marble Idols, Stone Buddha Statues, Marble Aroma Diffusers & More

Our exclusive collection of home décor & pooja products crafted in stone, bring the ancient arts & crafts of stone carvings closer to modern arts & design. Our product list under the stone collection includes both handcrafted & machine-made products that consist of marble idols, stone statues, aroma diffusers and more! The most popular product being the aroma diffusers made of marble. These elegantly styled marble aroma diffusers will not only offer your interior ambience the right aroma but also the visual appeal that simply can’t be found anywhere else online.

These products have been designed by local artists that have been handcrafting home décor & pooja products for generations on end. This line up consists of something for everyone. Be it home décor & pooja related products, our collection offers the best in both fields.

So, shop from our collection of stone statues, idols, aroma diffusers & more and take your house back to the stone age… This would be the only time that phrase is a compliment!

Buy Stone & Marble Home Decor Items

There is a certain sense of authenticity that appears in items when they are crafted in stones. Stone and Marble truly add the beauty that provides a spiritual and traditional ambience to any place they are kept in, at the same time utterly please the eyes. If you are looking to buy stone and marble home decor items then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Home Decor Gifts:

Stone and Marble gifts such as aroma diffusers and Buddha statues are some of the best home decor gifts that one can think of. When traditional gifts are carved in stone or marble they give a glimpse of modernity, thus representing a perfect mix of ethnic and modern culture that we follow now.

Diwali gift items:

Gifting idols, lamps and statues has been in our tradition since long, however metal lamps and statues do not click with the newer generation, like the marble ones do! Marble and stone lamps and statues serve as great diwali gift items due to their modern look for today’s generation.

Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts:

Stone and marble Ganesha idols and pooja samagri will definitely be wonderful Ganesh Chaturthi gifts owing to their religious sentiments and modern touch which is much in demand, especially the handcrafted ones as they add a touch of extra effort and personalization.

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