Vastu & Yantra

Vastu & Yantra

Buy Vastu Yantras and Feng Shui Items for Home

Bring positive energy, wealth and prosperity with our vastu items and yantra. Vastu or Feng Shui is an ancient practice to maintain the Good Chi or positive energy in and around the home and office. We have come up with wide array of feng shui and vastu items for your home.

Browse through our wide rage and pick Vastu dosh nivaran yantra to make your home more prosperous. Take a pick from Laughing Buddha, Fuk Luk Sau, Chinese Coins, Crystal Tortoise, Meru Yantra, Maha Laxmi Yantra, Evil Eye, Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise, Money Tree and more from our online store. Even there are Mandarin Ducks, Arowana Fish, Maruti Yantra, Kaal Sarp Yantra and more to remove negative chi and pave the way for positive energy.

Feng shui principles are famous Chinese principles. These principles show ways of incorporating the 5 elements of nature into your life for your own benefit. As per Feng shui principles, you can achieve happiness and success by including the elements in the form of home decor or personal accessories. The elements include Earth, Wood, Metal, water, and Fire.

Crystal Healing Bracelets are one of the most famous feng shui accessories. The bracelets are made from special healing crystals such as rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, jade, and many more. If you are looking for feng shui gifts, you should definitely check out the collection at My Pooja Box online store.

At My Pooja Box store offers a wide range of feng shui products which include Turkish Evil Eye & Owl Protection Wall Hanging Amulet, Feng Shui Golden Dragon Grasping Ball for Power and Success, Feng Shui Pair of Golden Swan for Good Fortune, Feng Shui Tortoise with Mirror Detailing, rose quartz bracelets and much more. Rose quartz is a pink stone symbolizing love and helps to restore trust and harmony in all kinds of relationships. Pick the best feng shui gifts for yourself, friends, and family. Place your order today…!

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