The Nazakat Collection

The Nazakat Collection

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Gifts are a symbol of happiness, and it's a great way of strengthening the bonds of every relationship. If you want to express your love and care towards your friends, family, and relatives it is always a perfect choice to give them gifts on special events or occasions. According to psychologists, giving gifts is complex but also a part of human interaction, that can define relationships with family and friends. Be it a birthday or a wedding, gifts can bring happiness, joy, and spread love.

If you too are looking for luxury gifts, for your dear ones, you should definitely check out the collection of exquisite gifts at My Pooja Box. My Pooja Box is a one-stop destination for all types of home décor gifts, pooja items, and much more. Here are some of the most adorable gifts you can pick for all occasions:

Clear Quartz Cleansing Crystal Stone Tree

Looking for Diwali gifts? This alluring Crystal Stone Tree, made from the finest Clear Quartz crystals looks absolutely beautiful. Clear Quartz; known as a master healer, amplifies the energy, thought, and effect of other crystals. It also absorbs, stores, regulates and releases energy. It balances, revitalizes the planes of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental state. This beautiful crystal tree is affordable and is one of the ideal housewarming gifts options too.

Feng Shui Pair of Golden Swan for Good Fortune

Swan stands for many things like elegance, beauty, grace, purity, and love. It also represents calmness and peace. Beautifully carved of clay with intricate detailing, this gorgeous feng shui swan in the golden tone is surely an attractive home decor. It symbolizes good fortune, romance, and love, is also a great gifting option. The gorgeous swans in the pair, stand for fidelity, love, and blissful married life. In Feng shui, it is believed that keeping this pair in the bedroom can be lucky for the relationship. You can pick this as one of the home décor gifts for your dear ones.

Howlite Natural Crystal Buddha Head

Howlite, the calming stone is known to help the wearer in many ways. The stone reduces the levels of stress and anger that is directed towards them. It also absorbs negative energy. The calming effect of Howlite helps to reduce insomnia, relieves, and unburdens the overactive mind. If you are looking for Luxury gifts, this can be one of your best choices.

Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli, considered to be one of the powerful healing crystals, is associated with strength, courage, wisdom, intellect, royalty, and truth. This gorgeous bracelet made from the authentic Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone looks absolutely stunning and is one of the best rakhi gifts you can pick.

Eco-friendly Ganesha idols

Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, happiness, intellect, and fortune is always a great gifting option. If you are looking for Diwali gifts or wedding anniversary gifts, the idol is a great choice. Eco-friendly Ganesha idols help you to celebrate every festival in an eco-friendly manner and are a great addition to decor and pooja room.

For more such amazing gifts, explore our collection and place your orders today!

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