Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Shop Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelets, Pendants, GuaSha Stone Online in India

At MyPoojaBox, you have access to an amazing range of accessories made of crystals that you can use to celebrate life and yourself. You have products made of the rose quartz stone and you can even grab blue stones bracelets along with black tourmaline bracelets and necklaces.

Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelets:

One of the most common essential accessories made with the rose quartz stone is the crystal bracelets. These exquisite rose quartz bracelets come in an unconventional style that is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, they also have multiple healing properties like calming and soothing the emotions. Blue stone bracelet and black tourmaline bracelet is also available in the crystal bracelets category.

Rose Quartz Crystal Pendants:

For people who do not prefer the rose quartz bracelets, MyPoojaBox offers you rose quartz pendants as well, which is available to you in the forms of an angel and an abstract pencil shape allowing you to select the design you see best describing you and your feelings. It makes for a great gifting item as well.

Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace:

If the pendant works out well for you and you wish to go a little heavy, you can always invest in a rose quartz necklace. This comes in heart, crystal, and pencil shape each being exquisite in their manner. Take the powers of the crystals with you, wherever you go with these beautifully designed rose quartz necklaces around your neck.

Gua Sha Crystal Stones:

Another unique accessory by MyPoojaBox is that of a facial roller. It has become increasingly involved in a technique called gua sha and is being termed as the “guasha stone”. This is the practice of applying the crystal by force and relieve the skin of any kind of stress and pain. This process causes light bruising which appears as red spots known as sha, in Chinese which means scraping.

Two types of guasha stone being offered by MyPoojaBox is the rose quartz gua sha and the Natural Green Aventurine Gua Sha. Both these guasha stones come with a face roller or a beauty roller offering some numerous benefits to its user. It is said that massaging for merely 5 minutes up to 10 minutes is enough to provide your face extreme calm & peace. With rollers on both sides varying in sizes, and this face roller offers you an excellent grip to hold on.

It is an effective tool to decrease the puffiness of the eyes and reduce the stubborn dark circles which are hard to go. It also tightens up pores and makes the skin feel firmer and brighter, allowing you to feel more confident and giving a special glow to the face.

MyPoojaBox offers something for everybody, from accessories to healing crystals, be it bracelets, pendants, necklaces, or the uniquely designed facial rollers. You can either pick out something for yourself or use it as a gifting item – this place is your answer for something out of the box yet elegant enough to show it off.

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At My Pooja Box, we bring to you the best of exquisite gifts perfect for all occasions. For rakhi gifts for sister to wedding gifts, you can find everything in one place.

Here are some suggestion you can pick from,

Healing crystal Bracelets: These bracelets are made from the finest healing stones with special properties that heal most of the human concerns. There are numerous variants of bracelets: Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet, Amethyst Healing Crystal Bracelet, and rose quartz bracelets etc.

Rose Quartz, a stone of universal love has some amazing properties such as it restores trust and harmony in your relationships and encourages unconditional love. Similarly, all other healing stones have different properties.

If you do not wish to gift bracelets as Diwali gifts, or rakhi gifts, you can pick Rose Quartz Crystal Stone Love Tree, Rose Quartz Tower/Pencil etc.

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