Krishna Poshak / Dresses

Krishna Poshak / Dresses

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Krishna, the god of compassion, love, and tenderness is one of the important gods in Hindu mythology. He is considered to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna must have been one of the famous gods any child hears in their youth. He is known both for his pranks as well as his divine heroism. We celebrate a lot of festivals and pujas in his name.

Laddu Gopal pooja is conducted on behalf of a baby by their parents. It’s a prayer offering to Lord Krishna to bless the couple with a healthy baby without complications or delay. The pooja not only assures a safe birth but also increases one’s self-confidence and keeps away the negatives in their life.

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Krishna Janmashtami is another festival celebrated by Lord Krishna. It celebrates his birth with devotional songs, fasting, and other celebrations. The best gifts during this time will be a delightful Krishna idol. Pair it with a Laddu Gopal dress set to make the gift more unique and personal.

Laddu Gopal Designer Poshak at My Pooja Box

We give you the best Laddu Gopal Designer Poshak in the market as Krishna Janmashtami gifts or Laddu Gopal pooja gifts.

Laddu Gopal Dress with Jaipuri Print

This beautiful Krishna idol comes with a multi-coloured poshak. The brass idol is decorated with a flared, and bright coloured cloth material, beads, and beautiful lace. Even though it only weighs about 30 grams, this idol looks divine and attractive in a beautiful way.

The design is inspired by the art and craft of Jaipur and Rajasthan. It is not only a symbol of our legends and myths but also brings out the different cultures, art, and tradition in different parts of India like Rajasthan and Jaipur.

The unique design comes in shades of pink, green, and blue with beautiful golden lacework. Buy this Laddu Gopal Designer Poshak online at a very reasonable rate for yourself or to gift to your dear ones.

Laddu Gopal Net Dress with Floral Work

This is a beautiful gift to present to your loved ones during a festivity. Unlike the previous one, this idol isn’t that colourful but it is way cheaper. The small idol is decorated with a sheer-designed dress that has small floral prints throughout the material.

It weighs about 2 grams only and comes in multiple shades like orange-peach, red with yellow borders, a beautiful, rare shade of teal, and red with purple borders. Two plus points related to this idol over the other one are- 1) it costs less, and 2) more selection as there are four different shades to choose from.

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