Japa Malas / Rosaries

Japa Malas / Rosaries

Shop Japamala, rudraksha Beads and Prayer Beads Online for Contemplation

In Hinduism and Buddhism, a japamala holds greater significance. Devotees use these prayer beads to contemplate. Even they use it adornments for personal beautification. My Pooja Box brings you a hand-picked line-up of japamalas and rosaries online.

Whether you need Ek Mukhi Rudraksha or Panchmukhi Rudraksha japamala, we have every type you need. Even there are hakik malas known for their healing attributes. Take your pick from a wide array of rosary beads available online.

Prayer Malas at My Pooja Box

Japa is considered as the best meditation for your mind as it utilises multiple focus points such as the breath, the touch, the mantra, and movement of beads of the mala. Japamala holds great significance in Hinduism. The Hindus use the Japa malas for praying and chanting the powerful mantras. Today, people use these malas as personal adornments. At My Pooja Box we will find a wide range of Prayer Mala and rosaries that are hand picked, made from authentic beads like .

My Pooja Box is a one stop destination for all types of high quality pooja samagri, Diwali gifts, home decor items and pocket friendly gifts for all special occasions. You can find the exquisitely designed Rosary Gift Online which can elevate the spirit of the celebration.

Rudraksha Beads:

We offer hindu prayer mala made from the authentic Rudraksha Beads. Rudraksha has special properties and is used to bring good health and luck. It is also worn to drive away negative energy and evil forces. You can find 5 mukhi rudraksha japamala and ek mukhi mala which are known to eliminate financial crises, develop positive attitude towards life, attract wealth and bring prosperity into your life.

You will also find japa malas made of special healing crystals that are packed with benefits.7 chakra healing mala, rudraksha vaijanti prayer mala, lapis lazuli mala, citrine mala, aventurine mala that shield against negative energy and offers comfort and harmony to your heart, rose quartz mala that restores trust and harmony in your relationships, and encourages unconditional love and many more.

Ganesh Chaturthi gifts

If you are looking for Ganesh Chaturthi gifts, these japamalas are perfect. Since malas are necessary for chanting the mantras, they make the best pooja samagri gift you can give to your family and relatives. We also offer a range of prayer malas that are made from the original tulsi materials. The divinity of Tulsi is synonymous with that of Lord Vishnu.

The fragrantful and auspicious leaves of Tulsi are used to worship Lord Ram, Krishna and Lord Vishnu. Along with its great medicinal properties tulsi hindu prayer mala helps in meditating peacefully. This auspicious mala can also be worn as an ornament that keeps you connected to the divine energy present all the time. Rosary gifts online:

For rosary gifts online, we are your perfect destination. By gifting auspicious japamalas from, our collection, enhance the spirit of love, and compassion among your loved ones. These malas are affordable and definitely worth buying. If you are away from your loved one, you can simply order the malas at their address, and we will deliver it to their doorstep safely. You can also buy these beneficial malas for yourself and attain wellbeing, wealth and prosperity.

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