Goloka Agarbatti by My Pooja Box

Goloka Agarbatti by My Pooja Box

Shop Goloka Incense/Agarbatti Online at My Pooja Box

This agarbatti by My Pooja Box contains only the finest ingredients and no animal products. The incense releases an irresistible fragrance to create an aromatic ambience which is more suitable for prayer and meditation. The wide range of premium fragrances from these incense sticks have been fascinating people since long. It is a unique blend of flowers, herbs and essential oils.

Aromatic Agarbatti and Incense Sticks online Aromatherapy uses aromatic, sweet-smelling materials like essential oils from flowers, stems, roots, and other aroma compounds from plants to enhance a person’s psychological, mental, and physical well-being. This treatment not only stimulates your brain functioning but also travels into your bloodstream and improves your body’s healing process. These scents are compressed into liquid forms like oils and solid forms like perfumed incense sticks. They spread a sweet-scented fragrance throughout the room it is placed in and created a calming and soothing atmosphere, one that is perfect for prayer or meditation. Incense sticks are mostly used in Hindu households while praying or for festivals like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, or during poojas like Ganesh Chaturthi pooja Samagri. It can be casually gifted as home décor gifts or Diwali gifts as well.

Iskcon Incense Sticks & Iskcon Agarbatti Online

My Pooja Box offers multiple selections when it comes to buying Goloka Agarbatti online. Their products are made out of the finest ingredients available in a beautiful aromatic combination of flowers, stems, herds, and much more. If you are worried about animals being hunted to make this, then don’t be.

My Pooja Box strictly says no to any animal products as their ingredients. These Goloka Incense Sticks come at a very reasonable rate so you do not have to worry about spending too much when the results are so aromatic.

Goloka Pure Rose Agarbatti:

The fragrance lasts till the very end. It is manufactured from the finest quality of natural oils, herbs, resins and oil, honey, and wood. There are about 80 to 90 pieces per packet.

Goloka Premium Good Earth Agarbatti:

Part of the premium collection, this agarbatti is handmade and eco-friendly. Once it is lit, you feel like you are in touch with nature and your innermost self. You are filled with positive energy. The ingredients include natural oils, herbs, aromatic roots, honey, and wood. You get 80 to 90 pieces per packet.

Goloka Kesar Chandan Agarbatti:

Made from the best natural oils, herbs, aromatic roots, honey, Chandan, and wood, this product creates a cheerful, ecstasy, and confident atmosphere. There are about 80 to 90 pieces per packet.

Goloka Premium Saffron Agarbatti:

It produces a long-lasting perfumed smell. They can be used at home, in pooja rooms, at worship places, and even in an office. They calm your mind and relieve your nerves. Saffron has a special aroma to it, you either love it or dislike it, no in-between. Unlike the previous ones, this one only has 30 to 40 pieces per packet.

Goloka Nag Champa Agarbatti:

Made from the unique blend of natural oils, herbs, aromatic roots, honey, and wood, this combination produces a powerful yet alluring smell that lasts for a long time and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

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