Gifts 1999 Collection

Gifts 1999 Collection

1999 Collection

Looking for home décor gift items under 2000? Welcome to the My Pooja Box 1999 Collection. This is an exclusive collection offering premium quality products for gifting at extremely competitive prices. These products are a part of the My Pooja Box flagship line up that consist of only those items, that have been crafted by the best, using the best materials available on the market. Ensuring anything you pick up from this collection, is sure to be of the highest standard! Not just on the My Pooja Box website, but also in the country. So, if you’re looking for gifts under 2000 for friends and family, you are right where you need to be!

Here are some of the many categories that come under our exclusive collection of home décor gifts under 2000.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Under 2000

Our exclusive collection of pink Himalayan salt lamps under 2000 is sure to leave your guests in awe. Not only are these exquisite to look at but they also offer various health benefits like improved breathing, increased immunity to common colds, improved skin health, reduction in symptoms of disorders like rheumatism and arthritis etc. Other than just the health benefits, these beautiful Himalayan salt lamps aid in creating an ambience that is almost Zen like. Giving you a greater sensation of peace, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.

Water Fountains Under 2000

If you’re looking to buy yourself a water fountain but don’t want the typically cheap build quality in terms of both, the aesthetic & the motor, then you’re right where you need to be. Our collection of stylish water fountains for home décor are a result of exquisite materials being crafted to perfection. These fountains can be found in multiple styles that could either be depicting religious deities or just as a premium work of art. All of these factors make our home décor fountains the perfect home decor gifts under 2000.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Under 2000

Want to meditate but have too much on your plate? Don’t worry, our collection of Tibetan singing bowls is not just mesmerizing to look at, but are sure to aid you in your quest to find inner peace. These kinds of bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. The sound waves created through these bowls is said to normalize the vibrational frequencies of your body. Our line up comes in many different colors and sizes to ensure we have something for everyone!

High Quality Religious Idols Under 2000

Nothing can match our collection of high-quality hand-crafted religious idols. This collection is undisputed in terms of sheer quality, design, price and options. Whether it’s Krishna, Hanuman, Shiva or Sai Baba, one can find them all in our exclusive 1999 collection. The handwork you will find on these idols is guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before, making these the perfect gifts under 2000 for your mother.

All these products and more make the perfect wedding gifts, house warming gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. So, don’t procrastinate any longer. Just start browsing away and go pick up the perfect home decor gift for your family and friends all for just under 2000.

Home Decor Gifts by My Pooja Box

Gifts are a way of expressing your love, happiness, and appreciation towards your loved ones. However, finding the right for special occasions may seem difficult. If you are looking for Unique gifts, for Raksha Bandhan or Diwali, or any other special occasions, you should definitely check out My Pooja Box.

My Pooja Box is an online store offering exquisite home decor gifts, pooja samagri, and gifts for all occasions at the best price.

Here are some of the best gifts you can pick for your family, friends, and relatives;

Decorative Scallop Golden Urli

This gorgeous rose pink colored scallop urli is a must buy. It is not only essential home decor but can also be a wonderful gifting option at festivals. Made from the finest quality, this urli looks absolutely stunning when you fill in with water and