Crystal Trees

Crystal Trees

Feng Shui Crystal Healing Tree

Finding the best decor items that suit your home decor may seem difficult. But do not worry. My Pooja Box has you covered. My Pooja Box is a one-stop-shop for decorative items for bedrooms, living rooms, and pooja rooms.

Have you ever felt lost in your direction and purpose? Or like you have a big dream that you think is so far out of reach? If you see obstacles in one or more areas of your life - romance, money, work, health, etc. - you may be surprised to find that addressing the feng shui in your home or office can help! 

Feng Shui is the art of setting up items in your home or office in a way that feels balanced and harmonious while allowing chi (life force energy) to flow freely. A Feng Shui Gemstone Tree of Life can create what is known as a “feng shui cure” to assist in the flow of this energy.

If the energy around a certain topic in your life doesn’t appear to be flowing in a harmonious and balanced way, a feng shui tree designed to help with that area of your life may be just what you need! 

Gemstone trees make for a unique gift and a beautiful interior decor item. They are also used in Feng shui, an art of setting up things in your home or office that feels balanced and harmonious while allowing the life energy to flow freely. Each tree is handcrafted with a different gemstone with a special meaning and healing properties.

Our collection of Gemstone Trees symbolizes growth, stability, and long life. The significance of gemstone trees is that we attract and achieve what we focus on, like a tree that grows constantly. They represent focus, persistence, resilience, and continuous growth.

Here are some of the best items you can pick from our collection - 

1. Feng Shui Crystal Healing Tree:

Crystal healing trees are packed with benefits and look absolutely alluring. Trees like;

2. Rose Quartz Crystal Stone Love Tree

The tree aids love & relationships opens up the heart to unconditional love, encourages forgiveness, and heals pains due to breakups, hate, jealousy, resentments, etc.

3. Amethyst Gemstone Money Tree

Amethyst tree Protector from negative energies. It is helpful in insomnia and nightmares. Meditating with Amethyst reduces anger, anxiety, etc.

4. 7 Chakra Crystal Healing Stone Tree

Made of Carnelian, Green Jade, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Red Jasper, the tree is powerful and looks attractive.

Carnelian Crystal Stone Motivation Tree, Clear Quartz Cleansing Crystal Stone Tree, etc., symbolize factors that help health and well-being. These are also some of the best Showpiece gifts you can buy. Order today!

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