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Everyone knows that concerns regarding our degrading environmental conditions are rising day by day as a result of all kinds of pollution. However, with an increase in awareness, comes an increase in pre-emptive measures to steer clear of the problem.

These eco-friendly solutions even found their way onto the retail segment of pooja essentials and as a result, eco friendly Ganesh idols along with others were created.

On that note, My Pooja Box is proud to present our exclusive collection of eco friendly Ganpati/Ganesh idols. These idols allow you to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi knowing you’re doing good for the environment and giving back to the gods who created this magnificent world we live in. I’m sure you’re wondering how our eco-friendly Ganesh idols will help the environment… Don’t worry, it’s been explained below. We also offer seed Ganesha online at best price.

Eco-Friendly Ganpati Murti – All You Need To Know– Plant Ganesha Idol

Made Using: 100 % Naturally Sourced Clay With Plant Seeds That’s right, our featured eco-friendly Ganesh idols have been made to hold plant seeds within the idol itself. The idea is, once the 10 days of your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are done, you can quite literally water your Ganesh idol. When water trickles down the idol, the clay slowly starts to dissolve into the soil taking the plants seeds with it.

With this process, not only would you have planted a tree, but you would have created a plant that stems from within the holy energy of Lord Ganesh himself. It’s the most eco-friendly way to keep lord Ganesh idols and their energy in your garden space.

Plus, this is the best way to show your respect to the gods who created this beautiful world we live. Afterall, we celebrate these festivals asking for things… why not give back too?

Biodegradable Coconut Ganesh Idol

Made Using: As the name would suggest, this type of idol is created using an original coconut shell.

It’s perfect for those who want an eco-friendly idol for Ganesh Chaturthi but don’t have anywhere to plant it.

Buy Eco Friendly Seed Ganesha at MyPoojaBox

This wonderful Seed Ganesha idol has been crafted using natural clay that comes with plant seeds within. The idol has been placed on top of a circular plant pot and has been done so to give your auspicious new plant protection. Once you've finished your religious ceremonies, the idol can be showered in water. The water will wash away the clay leaving behind the plant seeds. These seeds will then begin to germinate within the pot itself. Thus giving you and your home a plant possessing the auspicious energy of Lord Ganesha.

Why use it if you can’t plant it?

Well, you might not get a tree back from this particular style of eco-friendly Ganpati murtis but you would still be giving back to mother nature as these idols are biodegradable in nature. That implies these idols would dissolve into earth using naturally occurring biological processes. Thus, instilling nutrients back into the soil for other plants and trees to feed off.

So, browse away and bring home an eco friendly Ganesh idol that will give back to mother nature, after all, it is our gods who created this beautiful world. Let’s try and keep it that way with eco friendly seed ganesha.

Eco Friendly Clay Ganesha idols at My Pooja Box

Lord Ganesha the supreme God is worshipped with at most devotion in the Hindu culture. Symbolises understanding was dumb intellect perfection pure mind and helps the individual think prudently. Lord Ganesha idols are a must for every Pooja room for the home itself. The auspicious and sacred aura of Lord Ganesha are believed to bring in prosperity, happiness, positive vibes and wealth.

Buy Eco Friendly Ganpati Murti online

If you are looking for an exquisite lord Ganesha idol to decorate your home or add to your puja room you should definitely check out our collection of Eco friendly Ganpati idols that look absolutely divine and are harm free. These idols are free from PoP and are made from 100% natural clay which does not cause any form of environmental pollution.

These idols are also perfect for gifting during festivals. You can pick these Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol as Ganesh chaturthi gifts or Diwali gifts. Some of the most alluring eco friendly ganesha idols include; 6INCH Shambhu Eco-Friendly Ganpati, 8INCH Dagdusheth Eco-Friendly Ganpati, 6INCH Heramba Eco-Friendly Ganpati, Green Reincarnation Eco-Friendly Plant-A-Ganesha etc. You can pick many such divine idols from our wide range of Eco-Friendly Ganpati, that come in various forms and sizes.

Why Buy Eco Friendly Ganesha Murti from My Pooja Box?

It was during the national movement when Bal Gangadhar Tilak started the Ganesh Puja to inspire millions of Indians and make them conscious of their rich spiritual heritage. A move that would become a benchmark in Indians realizing that they had their own identity. Every Hindu home in our country since then has appropriated this festival to ward off evil and protect its members. Ganesha, as a deity, is supposed to bestow us with wisdom and the ability to discern the good from the evil, and that is why as citizens of the country, we need to take a stand against the most hazardous problem that the country is facing now. Hazardous waste and industrial run-offs have begun to pollute the water of the country, and that has been amplified by the immersion of idols in the water. This is the reason the idea of the Eco Ganesha made by Local Artisans has been mooted from time to time. Its clay body and biodegradable materials will not harm aquatic life. Post-immersion scraps will not be visible on the seaside and destroy its aesthetics.

The Ganesha Idols are eco-friendly and are made of natural clay which dissolves in soil when it comes in contact with water. The natural colors make sure that when it is dissolved the colors don’t act as toxins and pollute the environment. My Pooja Box also makes sure that irrespective of your location, the idol is delivered to you following safety protocols that don’t jeopardize the integrity of the product. After immersion, the seeds sprout and become plants when taken care of and contribute to the greenery around.

Enjoy Quick and Safe Delivery Across India

My Pooja Box is a one-stop solution to all your Pooja and gifting needs. With its efficient delivery mechanism, it aims at reducing the disparity between demand and accessibility. We at My Pooja box make sure that we understand the pulse of the individual festivals and cater to your needs and preferences rather than having a blanket rule for everyone. Devotion and spirituality are intrinsically very personal needs, and we respect that. Therefore, we bring to you our Eco-friendly Ganesha available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other metropolitans. Order today and make a change in the environment.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, a traditional symbol of Hinduism that is associated with affluence, wisdom, and good luck. Most festivals start with a customary Ganesh Pooja, so the demands for idols remain high throughout the year. My Pooja Box has a collection of Eco-friendly Ganesha idols that are made of organic and biodegradable material that dissolves with time without polluting the environment. For Online eco-friendly Ganpati booking, visit our site today to make sure that you become one of the stakeholders in the journey of our nation towards a pollutant-free environment. Irrespective of whether it is a traditional 10-day celebration or an idol for your home, make sure you make the wiser choice. So don’t wait up, bring home an eco-friendly Ganesha online in Mumbai and celebrate the Ganpati festival in a responsible manner.

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with MyPoojaBox’s Exclusive (2021) Eco Ganpati Collection

The carved figurine of Ganesha has its iconic trunk instead of his nose, which renders it characteristically different from the traditional Hindu gods. It is often worshipped with Laddu, a sweet which is believed to be its favorite. The last day of the Ganesh Chaturthi is called Anant Chaturdashi. It is on this day that the idols are led away to the shores for immersion, and that is when the pollution levels start rising.

This awareness is like a boon to us, and we should act on it while we can, and that is why we at My Pooja Box have taken anticipatory measures by carefully curating an Eco Ganpati collection. The idea is, if you know that you are helping the environment, it will be a nobler Pooja than polluting the environment after ten days of pomp. Our Eco-friendly Ganesha is made by local artisans by using clay that has plant seeds inside it so that after the ten days are over, you can water the idol to commence the process of planting a tree.

Surprise Your Family & Friends by Sending Eco Ganesha Online

Get an online eco-friendly Ganpati booking done today at My Pooja box and reap the rewards of being environmentally conscious. The clay for the idol is sourced, and seeds are packed into its structure so that after the period of festivities is over, you can start watering the idol, and saplings will form slowly. Get yourself an Eco-Friendly Ganesha in Bangalore today to not only contribute to the environment but from the seed of a spiritually superior source.

There is another kind of idol that is made using the shell of half a coconut, which is of help to people who don't have a space to plant the saplings. Even if you can't plan the seeds, you will go to sleep knowing that there are no synthetic remnants because the clay will dissolve in the soil, which will act as a nutritional source for other plants to thrive. Get your Eco-friendly Ganesha available online in all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore. Upon bringing home this eco friendly Ganesha what you will notice is, it is placed on top of a pot that will allow you to nurture it better after the ceremonies are over.

Eco Friendly Ganesha - 2021 Bookings Started

With Ganesh Chaturthi hovering around, it’s time that you start acting on your wishes and get an online eco-friendly Ganpati booking. With different variants of eco-friendly Ganeshas available at My Pooja box, you can refine the decor of your household besides adding spiritual fervor to it. My Pooja Box ensures speedy delivery all across India, so you can get an Eco friendly Ganesha online in Mumbai or if you are in the peninsular region you can also get Eco-friendly Ganesha in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is eco-friendly Ganesha?

Eco-friendly Ganesha is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic idols with non-biodegradable components that pollute aquatic life. This envisions a sustainable method of celebrating the 10-day festival with pomp. The idol is made up of sourced clay, and there are plant seeds packed within the idol. There is another variant of the eco-friendly Ganesha, which uses a coconut shell to make sure you are not troubled with the thought of space. My Pooja Box has come up with this eco-friendly solution for most festivals, and you can opt for an online eco-friendly Ganpati booking.

✔ Which clay is used to make Eco-friendly Ganesha?

The clay is sourced after carefully sifting through the best quality of clay available in the Gangetic region or from the clay deposits around other holy rivers that have spiritual worth. When these idols are immersed in water during Nirmajjan, they dissolve without polluting the surrounding environment. This way, you not only make sure that the environment is not being hampered, but also the clay run-off increases the fertility of the surrounding soil.

✔ Is Clay Ganesha eco-friendly?

Yes, the clay Ganesha is eco-friendly, and as its name suggests, it is made of clay that is sourced from the rivers that hold high spiritual value in Hindu culture. The clay figurine is placed on a top or a coconut shell and has seeds in them, which sprout when the clay figurine is immersed on the 10th day. The seeds develop into plants which ensures afforestation even though on a miniature scale. Apart from that, the clay merges with the soil and adds quality to it. Get your online eco-friendly Ganpati booking done today at My Pooja Box.

✔ What is seed Ganesha?

Seed Ganesha is a new and innovative concept that not only resonates with our culture of afforestation but also the celebration of festivities in a grand manner. The Ganesha figurine grows into a sapling and then into a tree after immersion. The figurine is extremely eco-friendly, and the material consists of red soil, natural manure, and color that dissolves when it comes in contact with water. Apart from that, it also has the usual component of seeds being held inside it.

✔ How do you use Ganesha seeds?

Using Ganesha seeds from the eco-friendly Ganesha figurine is not something that would cause you a lot of hassle. One has to put in very little effort. After the 10-day festivity period, all you need to do is go through a normal immersion process as you would do for a synthetic idol. When the eco-friendly idol comes in contact with water, the clay dissolves, and the seeds are exposed, after which they start growing either in the top in which it comes or in the coconut shell if you are choosing that variant of the idol. In that case, you don't have to bother about places where you can plant the seeds because it comes with a place.

✔ Why is it important to use eco-friendly Ganesh Idols?

As responsible citizens of the country, it is not only our duty to uphold and celebrate our culture but also to make sure that the consequences of our recklessness don't affect future generations. This is the reason why all festivals should be organized, keeping the sustainable development of our nation in mind. This is why during the ten days, using an eco-friendly Ganesh Idol is encouraged.

✔ What is the cost of eco-friendly Ganpati?

At My Pooja Box, each eco-friendly Ganpati figurine has a different pricing scheme. The pricing starts at an affordable figure of 499 and continues upwards. There are bigger statues available as well for a price that you will feel is worth it when you see the quality of the figurine. My Pooja Box also offers free shipping for orders which exceed one thousand rupees. You can also customize a hamper for the occasion of Ganpati Pooja from My Pooja Box.

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