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Diyas & T-Lights

Shop Designer Diyas Online for Diwali and Other Occasions

Diyas have always been part of Indian culture! Popularly associated with Diwali and other auspicious festivals, their use has evolved from a purely festive point of view and transitioned into home décor! So, it’s only natural to have excessive amounts of brands or local vendors making the very same product. But what if you didn’t want to go to the local market and pick up low quality diyas anymore? Well, thanks to MyPoojaBox you don’t have to! You can now buy decorative designer diyas online and have them delivered to your doorstep!

Electric Diyas For Diwali

Our online shop has it all, from traditional Diwali diyas to the unconventional LED diyas to light up your home! The range offered on our store just for Diwali itself expands from long brass hanging diyas, mitti ka diya, LED diyas, clay diyas and other decorative lights for Diwali.

LED diyas for Diwali is a new trend that is taking the limelight as customers look for convenience and re-usability more than anything else. This style of electric diyas for Diwali not only cover the convenience aspect but they also look stunning and can be used either traditionally or stylistically in your home!

Other than the new age decorative electric diyas, we also offer up a range of traditional brass hanging diyas for Diwali that have vibe of royalty in their fit & finish. These are available online in multiple different shapes and sizes to suit the need of your home.

We at My Pooja Box understand that there is a trade off between tradition, class, style and functionality. Based on customer feedback we believe we have managed to find the right compromise to create truly stunning long brass diyas for Diwali that are available for online shopping in India. Be it LED, brass, clay, decorative or traditional, you can find everything you want at My Pooja Box!

Along with Decorative brass diyas, clay diyas online, and mitti ke diyas My Pooja Box also offers customized Diwali puja kit, Diwali gift boxes, Diwali decoration items and more.

Light up Your Home with Decorative Diyas this Festive Season

The festive season is around the corner. Can you imagine Diwali without lights and decorative diyas? Obviously, not. Diwali is called the festival of lights and it is one of the most loved and prominent festivals in India. Festive season is all about pomp and show, buying new clothes, bursting crackers, sharing sweets with family and friends, and lighting mitti ke diyas. Yes, it’s that time of the year where houses are beautifully lit up with fancy lights and decorative clay lamps. Diyas play the most important role during the times of celebrations and festivity. In almost every Indian household, during the time of ceremonies, auspicious functions and prayers, there is always the custom of lighting clay or brass diyas. This custom of lighting diyas or tea lights signifies purity, happiness and prosperity. It is seen as driving away darkness and bringing about positivity and goodness. Without them, the whole experience of Diwali seems incomplete. If you are looking for diyas to decorate your home this festive season, then you can explore a huge collection of decorative diyas that is available on online on our shopping website. While shopping online, you can find akhand diyas, brass diyas, mitti ka diyas, and a fantastic variety of decorative Diwali diyas to light up your home.

Different Types of Decorative Diyas Online

There are many types of diyas available online. Some of the common ones that you can find are earthen lamp diyas, brass diyas, silver diyas, iron diyas, gold-plated diyas, and more. You can also go for hanging diyas or table diyas.

Diya Candles: These tiny diyas are the most popular ones that you can find in almost every Indian household. They look beautiful and pretty when they are placed in glass containers. You can buy a set of decorated diya candles in different colours to make your home look bright and attractive this festive season.

Traditional Diyas: These classic clay diyas or commonly known as mitti ka diyas look simple and elegant, and they bring out the perfect feel of the Diwali festival. They easily exude the traditional festive vibes. You can also hand paint them to give them a whole new look and personal touch. Place a set of these traditional diyas together and watch them beautifully enhance the appeal of your home.

Decorative Colourful Diyas: Diyas adorned with glitter, mirror bindis and other embellishments look stunning. The lotus-shaped, pot-shaped, and star-shaped diyas are some of the most-loved designs. There are many other unique patterns and designs of diyas that you can find online to add a decorative touch to your home.

There are a lot more attractive styles of decorative diyas available online that will leave you stunned. There are akhand brass table diyas, fancy brass table diya sets, brass hanging diyas online, clay diyas, and a lot more.

This Diwali brighten up your home with lots of stunning decorative diyas. Paint them, hang them or add them to your Rangoli to enhance its beauty. You can buy these beautiful sets of diwali diyas, decorative mitti ka diyas, designer diyas and brass diyas online at amazing prices.

Diwali Diya Online, For The Festival Of Lights

Indian festivals have rituals that need decorative diyas or tea lights to be lit. One festival where the diyas are of great significance is Diwali.

Diwali is the festival of lights where several decorative diyas are lit to create an incandescent effect. In fact, a diya is lit every day as it is said to bring happiness and positive energy to the house. It is one of the biggest festivals which calls for the brightest decorative designer Diwali diyas to be lit all around the house.

Significance of Diwali Diyas

Diyas are used for the prayers and also used to burn crackers. Most people look forward to this festival just for the joy of bursting crackers. The Diwali diyas are lit to create a radiant effect. The festival is incomplete without Diwali lights. You can buy Diwali diyas of all shapes and colors at my pooja box. With the large variety of Diwali diya online, you are sure to have a gorgeously lit up collection of clay, brass or electric diyas.

With the many preparations you have during a festival, you might not find the time to buy Diwali diyas. What you can do is simply order Diwali diyas online. This way you can ensure that you get the best of the diyas. You will not have to go about and look for creative ones as they are all available in one place.

Diwali diyas come in all sizes and prints. You can go for one that suits your preferences. Here are a few choices you can make when you buy Diwali diyas.

Material: You get to decide the type of material for your diya. Based on your requirement, you can choose the most suitable one. The materials you can find them in are aluminium, brass, iron, or clay. On the other hand, you can always get wooden ones as they have a ethnic look to them.

Type: There are many different types of diyas online. Decorative diyas come in a single piece or as sets. Buying an entire set is a lot easier as you can arrange them together. This is sure to make the arrangement look a lot better too.

Diya type: There are two various kinds of diyas that you can opt for. If you want a traditional one that needs to be placed on the table, you have tables diyas. These are very common and come in attractive styles. However, if you want something fun and quirky, you should go for hanging diyas. They come in all sizes and are sure to add elegance to your decorations. You can get diyas with traditional patterns, flowers, Swastik, religious idols. Prepare for your Diwali in advance with these decorative Diwali lights online.

Diyas have always been the auspicious items for all pooja ceremonies,and festivals; especially Diwali! If you are looking for exquisite diwali gifts, personal accessories, or home decor, you should definitely check out the collection at My Pooja Box.

At My Pooja Box we offer a wide range of products such as the beautiful Handcrafted Exquisite T-light Lamp Shade, Beads Decorative Candle, Exquisite Noor Tealight Holder, Aara Tealight Holder, Crystal Studded Brass Diya, Decorative Lotus Diya Colored Base, Antique Brass Urli Shape Diya and much more.

These alluring products are a perfect addition for your home decor, pooja room, and diwali decoration and are available at best prices. This festive season decorate your home like never before with My pooja box diwali gifts, decor items, accessories and more.

If you wish to buy gifts online, you can explore our collection and pick your favorite items. Place your orders today..!

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