Crystal Necklaces

Crystal Necklaces

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Healing crystals are the beautiful, glossy, and shiny stones that are found in the womb of Mother Nature. Possessing variant energies, every crystal contributes to bringing positivity, happiness, and overall well-being in your life. Gaining unmatched popularity in recent years, healing crystals also balances your Seven Chakras. Take a quick glance at how each crystal plays the most important role in your day-to-day life.

Rose Quartz

Also known as the “Stone of Love”, Rose Quartz is a pink-hued crystal that attracts love and is associated with the Heart Chakra. This stone crafted to crystal pendant healing when used by the wearer boosts self-love, confidence, and brings a balance in relationships. Dispelling negativity, Rose Quartz is soothing oneself from sorrows, hence is also a perfect addition to the Anniversary gifts.


Living a stressful life with tensions alongside? Try your hands on the Amethyst crystal pendant necklaces to pair with your amazing outfit. Eliminating the ill-effects or negativity in your life, this crystal relieves stress, metabolism, insomnia, anger, and balances your moods. Amethyst Heart Pendant Necklace, Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace and other items are available at MyPoojaBox.

Green Aventurine

Ranging from pale green to deep green, Green Aventurine is a stunning shimmery stone that majorly helps you to attract luck, open a number of opportunities in the job, competitions, etc. Green Aventurine Angel Pendant or the Green Aventurine Pencil Pendant Necklace for Confidence work wonderful Diwali gifts for family members. Get home this necklace with a crystal pendant today and embrace positive changes in your life.

Black Onyx

Smooth in texture, Black Onyx is an eye-catching gemstone that can be one of the ideal birthday gifts for your loved ones that will shield them from negative or evil eyes. Effective in healing the past wounds, this stone also invites good luck, increases your stamina, and strengthens you mentally.


This gentle yellow color crystal which is the ‘Powerhouse of Positivity’ revitalizes your body and mind. This Success Stone radiating energies of good luck also brings success in your business, creates psychic awareness, increases your focus, and reduces depression in one’s life. Other than crystal pendant healing you can also have a look at the Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet or Citrine Crystal Healing Tumble Stone Set, and others.

Clear Quartz

Easy to use by men, women, or even children, this necklace with crystal pendant features amazing benefits to the wearer. Along with boosting your immune system, this crystal also relieves you from the heart, lungs, and skin diseases, as well as non-infectious ailments. Using Clear Quartz Memory Pendant in your daily life improves your thinking process, keeps you emotionally active, and increases patience.

Green Jade

Green Jade is a cleansing stone widely used in many pieces of jewelry that intensify your beauty. Shaped to a cute little heart, this Green Jade Heart Pendant Necklace for Serenity available at our online shopping store fills the life of the wearer with calmness, tranquility, and harmony. This pendant made of the “Dream Stone” when paired with luscious sweets becomes the first birthday gifts choices.

Lapis Lazuli

Not finding perfect surprise Rakhi gifts for Raksha Bandhan? MyPoojaBox introduces you to a skillfully crafted Lapis Lazuli Heart Pendant Necklace, Lapis Lazuli Pencil Pendant Necklace for Wisdom, etc. Infused with a plethora of advantages, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for students, as it increases focus, concentration, and brings clarity in vision.

Get the best of the crystal pendant necklaces and gift your loved ones stunning Anniversary gifts for your wife, Diwali gifts for family, and pretty Rakhi gifts for your sweet little sister.

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