Agarbatti & Dhoop

Agarbatti & Dhoop

Shop the best Agarbatti, Dhoop Cones and Dhoop Batti Online

Be it traditional worshipping ceremony, spiritual practice or lifestyle need, agarbatti is a must-have essential. It fills the environment with a soothing fragrance. Our pooja items are incomplete without Agarbatti, dhoop cones and dhoop sticks. To help you find the best fragrances around, we’ve created a specific collection for you. From Mogra to rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Raat Ki Rani, Firdosh, and Kewda, there is something for every aromatic incense sticks lover. You also get incense stick and agarabattis packed in pooja box irrespective of occasions.

So, shop the best Agarbatti, Dhoop Cones from My Pooja Box.

Holding a prominent place in the Hindu culture, Agarbattis and Dhoops are said to be an integral part of the worship. The word “Agar” in Agarbatti is an evergreen, strong and durable agarwood from which these incense sticks are made, while “Batti” means the wick. Moreover, Dhoop is also a variant of Agarbatti.

This is a common Puja Samagri that is widely used in religious places, offices, households, while meditating, praying, yoga, as amazing aromatherapy. No festive occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi, Lakshmi Puja, Navratri Puja, or daily pujas is complete without.

A unique mixture of various powders, molded to small cones, ‘Dhoop’ is a smaller form of Agarbatti and one of the pooja Samagris that comes without bamboo sticks. MyPoojaBox offers an extensive range of Agarbattis and Dhoops by Arpan, Goloka with various charming fragrances like Saffron, Lotus, Chandan, Mogra, Jasmine, Kastoori Chandan, and other enticing fragrances.

You can also have a look at the beautiful gift hampers incorporating beautiful items perfect for Navratri puja. Apart from incense, we also have a wide range of handmade eco friendly Ganesha which makes Ganesh Chaturthi even more memorable. Lighting an incense every morning and evening removes the unpleasant smell and spreads positivity.

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