Karwa Chauth 2023: A Complete Guide to Pooja Rituals and Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth 2023: A Complete Guide to Pooja Rituals and Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth is the festival celebrating the essence of matrimony. Indian married women observe fasts for the longevity and good fortune of their husbands. It is commemorated with great enthusiasm. People say the moon acts like a celebrity on this day in a jocular vein because it has great significance on Karwa Chauth.

The Karwa Chauth Significance and Rituals : 

Karwa Chauth is the celebration of conjugal bliss. Below are the steps of a Karwa Chauth Fast:

1. Married women begin their day before sunrise.
2. Preparing Sargi and having it before sunrise.
3. They observe a fast without any iota of food or fluids for the day.
4. Generally, mother-in-law gives Sargi to daughter-in-law
5. The fast is broken with the moonrise.

Karwa Chauth is being celebrated on 13-14th October 2023 across India.

The married ladies also do a pooja with fellow married women reciting the Karwa-Chauth saga as well as the religious hymn with pooja thali and required religious items.

The fast is broken as the moon rises with the rituals performed by the wife and her husband. Afterwards, the married women get the opportunity to enjoy their delicious meals.

The fervor of this day is so immense that all married females ensure getting the thousand-watt glow on their faces for this special occasion. Hence, the husbands display their dedication and affection by bestowing their lovely spouse with the beautiful gifts for this festive evening. That’s the bare minimum gesture their divine counterparts can do for their better-half.

Karwa Chauth during Pregnancy:

1. Pregnant ladies are not required to follow a full-fledged fast.
2. They follow a special fast wherein they can gorge on food like milk, khoya, kheer, and fruits during the Karwa -Chauth fast.
3. They are told to observe a Sargi Ritual rather than A traditional Karwa Chauth Fast.

The Stunning Karwa Chauth Collection

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Amongst other gift items are pooja thali, Pooja Thali cover with the whole set and so on.

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Karwa-Chauth: An Epitome of India’s rich cultural heritage

Karwa Chauth is a reflection of the unmatched essence of Indian religion and traditions while honoring the institution of marriage. Express your unconditional love to your wife with karwa chauth pooja thali set and special festive gifting collection we have here. The celebration is auspicious and includes the fast married women from sunrise to moonrise.

You can gift your better half the pleasant surprises on this special day which is a gesture of love and token of gratitude for everything she does for you. This is the least you can do to repay for the sacrifices made by her for you and family. Explore the colourful, vibrant and classic collection of festive gifts for your gorgeous spouse.

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