Guru Nanak Jayanti 2023: History, significances, and gift ideas

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2023: History, significances, and gift ideas

“WaheGuruji da khalsa, WaheGuruji di fateh” i.e. everything belongs to the Almighty and He shall triumph over. Guru Nanak Jayanti is also known as Guru Nanak Gurupurab and Guru Nanak’s Prakash Utsav. It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak who established Sikhism. He was born in 1469 on the Full Moon of the Kartik Month, as mentioned by the Hindu Calender.

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2023: History and Significance

Numerous religious sources believe that Guru Nanak Dev Ji took birth in Talwandi Nankana Sahib in 1469 approximately. He founded Sikhism and imparted knowledge to the globe. This festival commemorates his legacy, life and achievements. Guru Nanak Dev ji believed that offering sincere prayers may enable a person to have access to God.

Each of his lessons are mentioned in the sacred religious scripture of Sikhism known as Guru Granth Sahib, The final, supreme and immortal Guru, as held by Sikhs, is Guru Granth Sahib, which individuals must fervently so as to receive divine blessings. Irrespective of the cultural and racial diversity, the holy scriptures are promoting social justice, prosperity, equality and unconditional dedication to humankind.

GuruPurab Special Gift Ideas

Here are some choicest Gurupurab special gift ideas we’ve picked for you to either buy yourself or for your loved ones. Bring home a perfect blend of piety and panache with the exceptional range of gifts and decor items from My Pooja Box associated with Guru Nanak Devji. Read on to find out these handpicked gifts for this festival:

Ik Onkar Symbol (Brass)

Ik Onkar is considered as an auspicious symbol in Sikhism. It implies One Supreme Reality. This is one of the most stunning Ik Onkar symbols made of brass metal to amp up your decor while immersing in Guru Nanakji’s blessings.

Delightful Guru Nanak Ji Idol

One of the most exceptionally crafted, delicate and graceful Guru Nanak Ji Idol. The idol displays Guru Nanakji seated on a surface while giving blessings to us with one hand while the other hand on his feet in absolute transcendence. He has rosaries in his hand and neck as well. His facial expressions are carved so well that they look real. This is a beautiful gift to bestow your dear ones with.

Guru Nanak Ji Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket

There couldn’t be a more befitting gift than Guru Nanak Ji Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket to your dear ones. Why? Simply because it is a spiritual combination of Guru Nanak ji’s blessings and the Salt Lamp’s purification. Salt Lamp includes himalayan pink salt rocks which are put into the basket and the lamp is lit up beautifully. Isn’t it a wonderful gift?

LED Illusion Guru Nanak Dev Plugin

My Pooja Box introduces an exceptional portal 3D Led Illusion Guru Nanak Dev Plug-in to irradiate your living space. This lovely multi-color desk lamp has a divine portrait of Guru NanaK Devji. You can keep this night light in your home temple to lend a mystical appeal. It is extremely convenient to install in whichever corner of your home. Isn’t it such a unique gift for dear ones?

24k Gold Foil Guru Nanak Small Card Frame

This divine photo frame is dedicated to Guru Nanak Devji which is quite unique because it bears Guru Nanakji’s depiction centered around red borders. It would interest you to know that His depiction is made using authentic and original 24KT Gold foil. This lends a prestigious appeal to the very auspicious depiction of Guru Nanak bestowing his blessings to his devotees.

For all devotees of Guru Nanak Dev ji, we hope you will love these gifts enough to shower your loved ones with these gifts. You can spruce up your home by decorating your home and receive divine blessings from Guru Nanakji with My Pooja Box’s exclusive collection.

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