Celebrate Navratri 2024 with Beautiful Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts

Beautiful Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts ideas for 2023

Kanya Puja which is celebrated on Navratri commemorates the feminine power with the girl child. Nine young girls are invited, fruits, toys, Dakshina, sweets, food items and other delicacies are also offered on Navratri. Come, Celebrate Navratri 2024 with Beautiful Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts, here are some of the cutest gift items.

1. Chocolates and Dry Fruits Box

Surprise the cute girls with special Navratri Kanya puja gifts available at our store. Yes, these eye-catching boxes incorporate rich dry fruits and luscious chocolates that are sure to make the younger girls feel amazed.

Chocolates & Dryfruits gift box

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2. Tiara

Made from soft artificial flowers, Tiara is one of the prettiest gifts that every girl would love to flaunt among her best friends. Making the little girls feel like princesses, Tiara is truly a beautiful gift. Place your order before they go out of stock.

3. Colorful Bangles

Bangles are considered to be the symbol of happiness, positivity, and beauty. Adding an exquisiteness to those little wrists, these bangles showcasing wonderful colors team up with any outfits and make them flaunt the whole day. Being made in plastic, these bangles do not cause rashes or injuries on a cut of the bangles.

4. Dimpy Stuff Watermelon Shape Cushion (Red)

Appealing extremely cute and adorable, this item is another add-on to the Kanya puja gifts. Shaped to a small piece of watermelon, this soft cushion made from the highest quality of fabric and cotton is a plush toy for little girls.

5. Chocolate Burfi Mithai Gift Box

Serving a great option to gift the small young girls this Navratri festival, this lovingly packed box featuring Chocolate Burfi will be loved by them. Made from the goodness of all the lavish ingredients, this box works wonders.

Chocolate Burfi Mithai Gift Box

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6. SMOC Art Stroke Kit

Here is another wonderful gifting item that will draw the attention of the little beauties. Available in beautiful packing, this SMOC Art Stroke Kit filled with assorted products comprises a Drawing Book, My First Pencil Lit, Neon Eraser, and 12 shades of Wax Crayons, Oil Pastels, Plastic Crayons, Sketch Pens, and Half Size Color Pencils.

7. Girls Set of Fashion Jewellery

Exclusively designed for Navratri Kanya puja gifts, this set of fashionable jewelry easily available at the online shopping store is ideal for girls up to the age of 8 years. Adorned with beautiful prints, this package consists of 1 stylish hairband, a fancy comb clip, a finger ring, a pair of fancy earrings, a set of hair beats, a pair of fancy Bobby clips, a bracelet, a pair of fancy tic-toc clips.

8. Glitter Color – 6 Shades

Featuring 6 beautiful shades of glitter colors, i.e; pink, gold, green, silver, red and blue, this SMOC product is a wonderful gift for those small girls. Perfect for decorating, writing, or making school projects, or preparing greeting cards, this set of glittery color tubes have glitter glue inside.

9. Unicorn Theme Adjustable Skipping Rope with Unicorn Print

Dump away the idea of gifting any video games and encourage them to involve themselves in some physical activities that will keep them active and charged-up all day long. Made from the finest quality of plastic material, this durable Unicorn theme adjustable skipping rope with Unicorn print looks vibrant.

10. The Lakshmi-Ganesh Colouring DIY Kit

Every child loves to explore themselves by drawing their imagination and painting them with vibrant colors. And to pave a way to their imagination, The Lakshmi-Ganesh Colouring DIY Kit is another Kanya puja gifts ideas that brings you 3 paper cut-outs to make idols, glue, scissors, and 10 organic color pencils that can be plated and used.

The Lakshmi - Ganesha Colouring DIY Kit

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11. The Magic Wand Set of Hair Accessories

Every girl loves to dress up with her favorite accessories. So, what can be the best gifting option other than The Magic Wand Set of Hair Accessories? Yes, this set of accessories comprises stylish tic-toc hair clips decorated with flowers made from soft fabric and a band that takes care of the delicate hair.

12. Royal Floral Silver Photo Frame

Want to surprise your younger sister this Navratri with exclusive Kanya puja gifts? Well, roll your eyes down to this classy photo frame with beautiful embossments, embellishments, and floral patterns, that you can gift your sister with a photo inserted.

13. Annie Doll Set

Dolls are always the fascinating items that amaze little girls. So, there can be no other best Kanya puja gifts ideas than this gorgeous Anni Doll Set that brings a smile to the faces of the beautiful girls.

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