Best 10 Organic Colours For Holi 2023

Organic Colours For Holi

Celebrated in every part of the country and across the world, the Holi festival is beautiful for welcoming the spring season. Signifying a fresh start or a new beginning, this amazing festival filled with vibrant colors, joy, zeal, music, and dance, Holi is all about burning the negative feelings towards each other and staying together with love and unity.

With the exchange of gifts, sweets, and good wishes, people on this fascinating day apply throw colors in the air, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. So, if you are planning to use organic colors for Holi festival without harming Mother Nature, animals, and your skin too.

1. Herbal Holi Petite Box

Plate-up the amazing herbal Holi colours and celebrate a skin-friendly and eco-friendly Holi by keeping away the adverse effects of harmful chemicals in the synthetic colors. Featuring 5 different colors, this petite box is all that you need for a perfect Holi celebration. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up.

Herbal Holi Petite Box

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2. Holi Herbal Green Gulal

Symbolizing happiness, peace, rebirth, and fertility, Green is a beautiful color that also occupies a greater significance in the Hindu culture. Unwrap the packet of joy with this herbal Gulal available at our online shopping store.

3. Holi Herbal Red Gulal

Focusing on the hygiene and care of Indian skin, the colors available at MyPoojaBox let you enjoy the essence of the festival without zero worries. Made from the ingredients sourced from the flowers, plants, vegetable extracts, edible materials, etc, this rich blood red color Gulal does not stick to your skin leaving color marks but is extremely easy to clean.

Holi Herbal Red Gulal

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4. 500 gms My Colourful Herbal Holi Box

Infuse the token of love, togetherness, and happiness in the air with the herbal Holi colours box available at our online shopping store. Safe even on sensitive skin, this box consisting of 20 bright-colored balloons and five packets of vibrant colors pass through the quality tests. Incorporating amazing fragrances, these colors with beautiful smells make the festival much enjoyable.

5. My Herbal Holi Gift Box

Curated with love and care, this handmade color used for Holi is extremely glossy which adds glitter to your face. Keeping your hair and skin free from rashes or irritations, the collection of colors wrapped in this Herbal Holi Gift Box is a pure product from nature. This wonderful Holi box also serves as the best gift you can give to your loved ones.


My Herbal Holi Gift Box

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6. Holi Herbal Sky Blue Gulal

Easy to clean and washable by water, the mesmerizing sky blue safe on your skin is a natural product of herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Get this product from MyPoojaBox online store this Holi festival and celebrate every moment of the Colorful Festival with your family, friends, and relatives.

7. Holi Herbal Haldi Chandan Gulaal

Filtered to a fine powder base, this Haldi Chandan Gulal is made from edible items like flower petals, natural food colors, and maize starch. Packed beautifully in an attractive cylindrical box, this type of Gulal soft to touch is also a perfect gift for your near and dear ones.

Holi Herbal Haldi Chandan Gulaal

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8. My Silver Holi Box With Radha Krishna Idol

Dedicating this beautiful festival of colors to the Supreme Lord Krishna and Radha and their love, Holi is celebrated in larger parts of India. Featuring an adorable idol of Radha-Krishna made of German Silver, this Holi box also encompasses a cute bucket, Pichkari, balloons, and an assortment of natural colors that are perfectly safe for use by both children and adults.

9. Holi Herbal Peach Gulal

Available in a blush-pink peach color, this 100% organic Gulal composed of materials from Mother Nature This non-toxic and eco-friendly color neither causes damage to your skin nor to the plants, animals, and trees around you. Appealing very attractive on the cheeks of your wife, husband, or loved ones, this cute color symbolizing ‘Love’ makes celebration much enjoyable.

Holi Herbal Peach Gulal

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10. Radha Krishna Holi Petite Box

Looking for a pretty box to gift your near and dear ones? Filled with organic colours for Holi, MyPoojaBox presents you a Holi Petite Box that also encompasses a collection of impressive colors. Made of the best quality of metal, the Radha-Krishna idols showcase intricate design and maximum detailing.

Come, throw away all the inhibitions, bad feelings for each other in the Holika Dahan, and spread the vibrancy of colors in the air this Holi Festival. Make the best use of the colors made from natural ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, flowers, etc, available at MyPoojaBox. Enjoy a Happy and Safe Holi..!!

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